Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spijshuis [Middenbeemster, North Holland]

Last Sunday we were invited by my parents-in-law to celebrate his birthday in a restaurant. Spijshuis is a pretty old building (more than 200 years old), located in the Beemster polder area and very child friendly. This last factor is very important for us during our family celebrations, because I have two kids and my sister-in-law two as well. Sometimes her stepson joins us too, which makes 5 kids. Behind the bar there is room enough for the small ones with a big televison and also some toys.

The atmosphere is relaxed and warm, decorated in country / farm style. This is very adored by the Dutch, and it is called landelijk. It is not my cup of tea, but for some moments I find it quite amusing. There were some flower shops just around the corner selling this kind of stuff. The next photos give you an impression of what I mean.

It was dark inside thus difficult for taking pics. I did the best I could. The next photos I give you and idea of our first courses.

Carpaccio. Funny that they serve it topped with fruit (kiwi, orange, grapes...) and veggies. I usually have seen it with croutons and pieces of parmesan cheese or rocket salad, for example.

First I've had mustard soup. I had never tasted it before in my life until I came to Holland. It is now one of my favourite soups. I think Brazil is not strong in recipes of soups. We have a couple of them during few weeks in July when temperatures go down (to 20C) , but it doesn't make Brazilians fond of this type of meal. The soup I had in Spijshuis was very, very good, though a bit salty.

Rendeer beef with mushrooms and Pedro Ximenes sauce.

I chose the fish (cod) above as main course. It was cod with basil sauce in a bed of spaghetti. It was yummy, but I was expecting a larger portion. The pieces of veggies and fruit (kiwi ????) as garnish I found unecessary. Kiwi, grapes, mini corn, white endivies, and a pice of orange... just like on the carpaccio my sister-in-law had as first course.

My sister-in-law had this stew as main course (stoofpotje). Excellent.

Tripel anyone ?

Let's check the desserts, shall we ?
Brownie with ice cream.

Marzipan package with cinammon ice-cream.

Tarte tatin with ice-cream

And for my sister-in-law: creme brullee with... Yes, you bet it: ice-cream ! I scream you scream ! I cannot see creme brullee anymore.
(I cannot see ice-cream in front of me anymore either !!! I always prefer enjoying a soup or salad and then a hearty meal than having a meal and a dessert. ) The Dutch have this kind of obsession with ice cream. It is almost a synonim for dessert. After the meal they ask themselves: "ijsje ?" Yes, they say it like that: "ice" for ice cream. Once when my parents were in the USA they asked at a cafeteria "some ice please". The waiter replied "ice ?" They smiled very happy and said: "yes, ice !" The waiter brought them some ice cubes. They found it very funny that the waiter couldn't understand what "ice" was. They replied that they wanted some "ice" and not "ice cubes". Poor waiter.
Spijshuis serves more than 100 different types of toppings for your pancakes. During the time we have been there, I have seen clients taking flats boxes of pizzas wsith them. Actually they were pancakes, as I discovered later. There are also satay and spare ribs to take away.

After their pancakes the kids have had "a surprise dessert". Yes !! Ice-creams served in such plastic mugs.

We have all had a very good moment at Spijshuis. The service was very correct, the meals yummy and if you are coming with kids they can have some freedom. Would I like to come back ? Certainly ! But with that all decoration stuff I think it is more suitable for winter season or rainy weather - which Holland has plenty of, by the way. Mmm...


mub said...

The ice story! That's just classic *L* I don't know what I would've done if I was the waiter either!

Lu_Russa said...

Fique com vontade tod doces !! brownies e os sorvetes...q delícia..

Aqueles animais é o que chamam de embalsamados ??? meio creepy,não achou ????

Bjos e boa semana !!!

Orangesplaash said...

I love the desserts..the pics make them look quite tempting!!