Friday, February 5, 2010

Say it with flowers

The photo above was taken last year when we visited a pancake house during spring. I think Holland is the best place in the world for the acqusition of flowers. Lots of varieties, affordable, easy to find. Just spectacular. I have learned a lot all those years I have been living here. Over pots, plant sicknesses, plagues, insects, good soil, garden tools, mineral capsules, drainage...

The flowers above are gerberas and I toook the pic last year at the temporary home of a friend of us (the guy in the "Help ! Somebody is being nice to me" January post). He made the arrangement himself.

There is always an occasion to be celebrated with flowers. The accomplishment of a project, a birthday, a birth, a diploma, a sickness recovery, a new house...

Photos below and above were made at my in-laws. My mother-in-law specially, she is always making new bouquets and disposing her flowers somewhere else, in a creative way. She also uses champagne bowls - for bold bouquets - or drink glasses (champagne, martini or liquor glasses) - for some mini, delicate and minimalist arrangements.

The photo above and the next three ones below were all taken at a A.H. supermarket. The weather outside is still cold but tulips and bulbs are already on sale at supermarkets and flower shops.
When spring is gone the glasses can be used as candle holders or vases for cut flowers.

Now tell me, how cute is that ? A birdhouse with a removable top that serves as a temporary support for a hyacinth.

Yesterday I have bought this vase (pictured above) with some bulbs in it. I have no idea which kind of flowers will pop up. On the label pinched in the vase is says: springbulbs (voorjaarsdecoratie). What do I get ? Blue or pink hyacinths ? Narcissus ? Tulips ? Let's seeeee...

I have also bought four square shaped glasses with blue hyacinths for the kitchen. I find it cool. I am already wondering how could I use the glasses after spring is gone. For individual salads ? Cold past meals ? Stuffed mini tomatos ? Caipirinhas ?

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Tami said...

Let us know when the flowers grow to see what they are actually :)