Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic FAIL !

Yesterday, Dutch athlete Sven Kramer (photo above, by Getty Images) takes wrong lane in 10000meter Ice-skating 2010 Vancouver and gets disqualified.

To elaborate:

Sven was headed towards the correct lane but his coach directed him towards the inside lane (wrong lane) so he changed at the last second and went into the wrong lane.
The coach messed up.
Tsk, tsk, tsk...

His coach Gerard Kemkers (above).


Breigh said...

I don't have Sven mania like most of the country. I believe he was totally rude to that reporter and think if it was someone from the US saying the same to a Dutch reporter it'd be 'typically rude American'.

It sucks that this happened to him but it smacks of karma.

Jase said...

We were watching that as it happened, cheering for Sven, and were horrified when he was disqualified. :O

However, after the laugh I got from these pictures, I believe it was worth it! :D

A Touch of Dutch said...

I like the navigation & coach images! I wish you a great week further :-)

EFRUTIK said...

So, when I read about this story on Wednesday (while in the office). I sort of got a painful feeling in my stomach as if I was actually simpathize with what happened to him. Then I did some snooping also know as googling and read about that infamous reporter situation. Then I watched this interview a with a Dutch reporter (when Sven spoke to a Dutch network about the American reporter), and just found them to be plain rude. The Dutch reporter said something like "it's just those Americans and Canadians that do that". WTF, ok. Anyways to cut my rant short. I think that a bit of humility goes a long way, in spite of being a WORLD champion or whatever. And frankly things happen for a reason, karma or not, it was destined to happen so it did. The End.

Anita said...

Ho, ho, ho guys !!
This is a very delicate issue at the moment for the Dutch people - and they work on it manipulating photos for some fun :P