Tuesday, February 9, 2010

De Lage Vuursche

Last Sunday we called another family for a walk in the woods. Quickly we decided for Lage Vuursche a tiny village in the province of Utrecht. It is a part of the municipality of Baarn, and lies in the middle of the forest. Right in front of the parking place there's a midget golf and we spotted three horses in the fields. The children enjoyed them so much, of course lots of pics were made.

After some minutes walking from the parking lot there is this permanent open air exposition of wooden sculptures.
But well... while looking for intimate contact with nature you just do not get lost in your way. You follow the signs and the path stablished for your security and peace of mind. The path was muddy, but pretty easy. Rests of ice here and there, lots of freedom for kids to explore the nature. We have seen rendeers and lots and lots of rabbit holes. After a good walk we decided it was time for some drinks and searched a child friendly restaurant. In the photos below you see some of the local pancake restaurants. The village has 7 of them.

An empty building. Needs a restoration asap !

Above: another pancake house (pannenkoekenhuis De Vuursche Boer). Below: detail from a bike on the restaurant roof.

Above: this is what I call a genuine, 100% true patina.

The photo aabove and following below are from a pancake house (De Bosrand) with a large and round conservatory. We used the side entrance and asked a table for 8 persons.

The same old story: pancakes for the kids, a capuccino for me and beers for the guys. Later on some "bitter garnituur", French fries and Dutch cheese.

Lage Vuursche is very atmospheric, with a couple of little shops (2) - one selling home/garden decoration articles and another with gifts/clothes - and many pancake houses. Castle Drakensteyn, the former residence of Queen Beatrix, is situated just east of the village. The parking lot is large enough and for free. During spring it is much more crowded - and also much more fun.

Wanna know more ? Go to: http://www.lagevuursche.com/
But then you need to understand some Dutch...


Invader_Stu said...

Great photos

~ Lopa said...

Work is for those who don't have time to play Golf :P

I love it :)

Lu_Russa said...

Oi Anita ! interessante seu comentário...

Agora eu fico pensando. Vi várias vezes os policiais entrando nas cabines e checando seus documentos.

Se elas sao contrabandiadas, enganadas e tal, como elas sao legalizadas e pagam impostos ?? como rola isso ???? nao entendi...

Se vc puder me responder, por curiosidade mesmo


Anita said...

Lopa: free time is a luxury article. Lu: resposta no seu blog.