Saturday, February 20, 2010

Amsterdam Scenes

De Munt. These girls stopped right in front of me. What is this ?

Oh, I see. I understand it now.


EFRUTIK said...

It's very funny that coincidentally I just finished reading an article about Sonia Rykiel!!!!! I believe the scene you saw was in honor of her new collection for H&M. According to the magazine on "February 20th, the spring collection Sonia Rykiel pour H&M was released at around 250 H&M shops worldwide."

Larissa, Lara, Lalá, .... said...

Vou la' olhar a H&M aqui de Barcelona!!! Adorei os baloes. Beijos

Anita said...

I personally only shop at H&M for my kids. And the models on the ads are so skinny, huh ? Gosh !!

EFRUTIK said...

I like H&M lately, for like 2 years almost now. I have been a fan, and yes I got one item from Sonia's collection yesterday :)

Models are exaggerated indeed Anita. Oh and I love buying children' clothing especially on sale. Makes for lovely presents.