Monday, January 18, 2010

Winterblues Monday

Today is considered by Brittish psychologist Cliff Arnall the most depressive day of the year. Why ? Well, it is the third Monday of January. You have forgotten the good feelings from Christmas and New Year's Eve, it doesn't snow anylonger and you have to work months before its vacation time.
And the bills start arriving.
Uh-uh !
Amsterdam was pretty misty today - what has its charms. Photos will be coming soon.
Therefore, in order to combat my winterblues I did the following today:

* I have bought a lovely CD in de Kalverstraat: "Ziriguiboom, The Now Sound of Brazil". There is Dutch/Brazilian group Zuco 103, Celso Fonseca, Cibelle and BEBEL GILBERTOOOO !!! If I was a man I would fall in love with her. She sings Cada Beijo with that acent. It becomes then Cada Beijuuuuuu-huuuu uh-huuuuu... Especially this song is the best mix of samba with bossa, totally cool.
* I have eaten a big fresh fruitmix - for the vitamines and anti-oxidants;
* I have watched "Bienvenue Chez les Ch'tis" - a bit exagerated characters, but not bad.

* I have decided to Ho'Oponopono some people, my little pains, my whole life. I started (re) doing it last Friday, when I was on the bus on the way to meet someone. The last time I had seen that woman was November, and she gave me lots of headaches. Oh boy! Ho'Oponopono has worked volumes !! The woman last Friday was transformed into another person.
I do need to clean, clean, clean ! The Hawaiian method Ho'Oponopono seems simple.
Just repeat continuously
"I love you" / "Please forgive me" / "I am sorry" / "Thank you". But it is OH SO DIFFICULT to employ it ! I have to release so many wrong memories. All the problems of the world are due to wrong memories. I forget very frequently about practising iHo'Oponopono. But I will be talking about this healing method later on in this blog. More about it here. I was introduced to it via a colleague who lent me his book "Zero Limits".

Well, I have searched for some pics to embellish this Winterblues Monday.
I think the pies suit this purpose . Have you all a nice week !!


J said...

I especially like the third one! :-)

EFRUTIK said...

Hahhaa it is funny you wrote about the "hypothesis" of today being the most depressing day of the year!!! I heard that comment at work today and was puzzled. Hmmm personally it was a decent day considering I'm surviving a flue/cold syndrome (it sounds more dramatic than it is I know, but I am dramatic at times) and having to go to work :(

Great booster you did for youself today...hmm I have to look into the "Ho'Op..." thing still confused !

A Touch of Dutch said...

These pies are great! I also saw this yesterday on the internet about yesterday being the peak of depression for many. Had the blues for sure a little over a week ago & found my remedies to help get through. Glad you are finding a good remedy for your winterblues as well & wish you a great week :-)

Invader_Stu said...

I that case I am happy it is Tuesday.

Great cakes by the way.

Anita said...

Folks, I have no depression !! Just a dip for having my period, the snow is gone and my hair is unexplicable !!

Aledys Ver said...

I, for one, had a great day yesterday, rolling with laughter with a couple of friends! Pheeewwwwww am I done, then? :0)

LuRussa said...

Ola Anita !!

tudo bem ??

No momento estou na Dinamarca, mas volto para Amsterdam na quinta feira a tarde.

Eu e outra blogueira que mora em Amsterdam , vamos nos encontrar na sexta feira, as 14:00, no balcao de informacoes da Estacao de Trem Centraal de Amsterdam. Gostaria muito de te ver tbem. Se vc puder, vah lah !! com certeza serah legal !!



Anita said...

Oi Lu !!
Nossa, isso pra mim 'e novidade, marcar encontro atraves de cometario de blog, ouahahaah!
Estou aguardando a confirmacao de uma entrevista para quinta ou sexta, acho que vai rolar pra quinta mesmo entao terei a sexta livre. Qual seu e-mail ??

Orangesplaash said...

Hi Anita, Feeling quite hungry reading your post :) Lovely pies!!
On a more serious note, havent had any bouts of depression anytime in the near past. Touchwood!! I liked this line "All the problems of the world are due to wrong memories"..Nice one

LuRussa said...

Estacao Centraal Amsterdam
balcao de informacoes na entrada principal da estacao

aparece !!!! rsrsrsrs

vai ser legal, encontro de blogueiras brazucas em Amsterdam !! que tal ?? quero te ver hein


Anonymous said...

A crucial part of Self-Love is forgiveness. It is important to forgive others and also forgive yourself. The Hawaiian Huna call this Ho’oponopono and it means: I Am Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You. I Love You. It is important to receive LOVE from yourself and to also allow Mother and Father Gods LOVE which is unchanging unconditional love. Allowing this love, from yourself, and from The FORCE, are key in remaining even and Being the Ascended Master You Are.