Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meanwhile in Rio....

TAP and Infraero paid hommage to Rio this week in a very special way. In the international airport Galeao they started with oldies (classics Samba do aviao and then Garota de Ipanema), continued the performance with Black Eyed Peas and then a funk rhythm - I gotta feeling.
What the hell am I talking about? Click here.

I think Rio has a natural vocation for parties and events.
Mmmm, World Cup and Olympic Games are going to be GREAT.

Big, relevant questions cross my mind. Such as:
* Will I be in Brazil blogging about it ?
* Will my husband be able to speak some Portuguese then ?
So far I only get out of his mouth:
camarão, cerveja, pão, água, casa, sim, não, táxi, carro, praia, lá, aqui, bom-dia, boa-tarde, boa-noite, toalete, quente, obrigado, cuidado, tchau, beijo, te amo.

Shrimps, beer, bread, water, home, yes, no, taxi, car, beach, there, here, good-morning, good-afternoon, good-evening, restroom, warm, thank you, take care, bye, kiss, I love you.
Bar, guarana, caipirinha, feijoada, churrasco and picanha do not count because they are translated as... bar, guarana, caipirinha, feijoada, churrasco and picanha anyway !!

(Am I mean ? Hahaha, probably. But he doesn't read my blog at all, hehehe !!)


Aledys Ver said...

Definitely, RIo is the place to be if you want alegria :o)
Do you get to go often to Brazil? My husband has learned a lot of Spanish from spending a month there every year and then he actually shows an interesting by watching movies in Spanish, reading news sometimes, and a bit as a joke, talking Spanish with me frequently. That sure helps!

Anita said...

Aledys: lately we have been in Brazil in 2008 and 2009. I think he has been in Brazil a minimum of 6 times. He is learning with some CD's in his car, so he can understand more and more. Oddly, the philophy behind this method doesn't allow him to learn by other means. So no books, no talks to me in Portuguese. I think he has been brain washed by a secret radical teaching group or something like that.

Nicole said...

Oi Anita,

My Brazilian colleague always asks me: Do you want to come with me to Rotterdam?
The other day: Do you want to come with me to Brazil?

Just a bit of a difference in cost/travel time! One day I will go to Brazil.

I intended to go to Portugal two summers ago, and have a chance to go this summer, but don't think I will, therefore I am really behind with my Portuguese. I've learned some new words this morning though -- obrigada!

- Nicole

Anonymous said...

I definitely read your blog my dear and you know that languages, especially portuguese, are very difficut for a beta like me. You are mean!


Anita said...

"Ben je boos?
Pluk een roos,
zet hem op je hoed,
dan ben je morgen weer goed!"

Anonymous said...

The video... what's the celebration about ?

Anita said...

20th January is S. Sebastian's Day. The name of the city is: Cidade de S. Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro.

Lu_Russa said...

Amiga, o tal do Zaanse Schans tá rendendo....

Parte II está postado já

e ainda tem



Cucchiaio pieno said...

Tenha uma boa semana, bjos

Mariangela Buchala said...

Anitita...ele sabe o suficiente. Afinal na terrinha, tudo acaba mesmo em camarão, cerveja, pão, água, casa, sim, não, táxi, carro, praia, lá, aqui, bom-dia, boa-tarde, boa-noite, toalete, quente, obrigado, cuidado, tchau, beijo, te amo.
Salvo em Brasília onde tudo acaba em pizza! bjs

Anita said...

Ih, esqueci de mencionar "pizza". Isso ele tambem sabe pronunciar hahaha !!

Larissa, Lara, Lalá, .... said...

Anita!!! Desculpe, eu vim conhecer seu blog, estou te seguindo e nao comentei!!!! Sorry .... Adorei seu blog, comecei a ler os posts e me entreti tanto que acabei esquecendo ... Nossa! falar holandes nao deve ser fa'cil ... e eu reclamo do catalao!!! Fui la' ler seu post que fala da Le Creuset. Apareca sempre ... Beijos

Anita said...

Lara, Lala... tranquila !!
Eu tive a oportunidade de ter colegas de trabalho catalaes e a lingua me parece divertida. Sucesso e sorte !