Sunday, January 31, 2010

This Weekend

I have had a busy Friday. First thing is the morning after dropping my kids at daycare and school: an intake interview in Amsterdam. Actually, it was more an update. Or sort of.
Then I rushed to the hairdresser. I think I have been into a Dutch hairdresser only once in ten years. No, it was not a good experience. I have mixed (curlied/straight), dry, thick and volumous hair, Mediterranean style. In one word: complicated. Luckily I have back in 2000 heard of Renato, a Brazilian hairdresser who had just arrived in the NL and opened a salon in Oud-West. Bingo!! I have never been disappointed in one decade. Renato and Charlton: best brushing in the world. (And they make me feel another person. A better one. A woman that is put together. And carrying on. Or sort of. )

This is the "after". I will spare you from the "before" hair.

Oh boy ! Why didn't I schedule that interview for an after brushing ???

At the salon there is always good music, the boys are always with good humour, they do not push you products, you do not have to wait that long and they do understand what you wish. Also very sincere. I mean, if you wish very much something that will not suit you, they will tell you: "ok, I can do that my dear. But you are going to be HORRIBLE. People will laugh at you and it is going to be very difficult style maintanance. You will need serious professional therapy at the end". The clientele is mixed: ladies & gents, young & mature, Dutch & non Dutch. People come also from villages, Purmerend, Almere... just to have their services. Charlton (above) & Renato (below): obrigada rapazes !! In case you do not believe me and wish to experience it yourself: Bilderdijkstraat 145, Oud-West, A'dam. 020 618 5695 Oh, and they do speak English + Dutch. By appointment only.
Always on the run, I arrived at Kalverstraat to check the sales at Zara's kids section. Three shirts for less than 10euros ? Deal ! Then it's time to go to Savon. How many times have you seen a salesperson actually enjoying the products LIVE ? Thanks to Bambos' tips, I have purchased a mud mask....

And the afternoon was not over. Time to prepare desserts for a dinner tomorrow.

Car to the garage for repair: tick
Intake interview: tick
Haircut & brushing: tick
Photos and interview with blogger Suzanne: tick, tick
Zara & Savon: tick, tick
La creme brullee: tick !
Saturday evening I was invited together with other bloggers (Pat & Steph, Amanda, Pamela and John) for a potluck dinner at Andy's place. Partners/significant other/half orange/twin soul or deksel van de pan were also invited. I decided to go with good friend S. and sleep in Amsterdam at her place. Unfortunately blogger Pamela couldn't show up. And what has Pam missed ? On the menu: Quiche Lorraine and a delicate cheese pie...

Fish, Bahia style: cilantro, tomato sauce, coconut milk and shrimps.

A mushroom casserole, a chickpeas curry and in the black pan (left) a boef bourguignon - because our host has watched Julie & Julia recently.

It was snowing a lot and the views from Andy & Fred's place was beautiful. Amsterdam was so silent... Well, afterwards and before the desserts: time for a guessing game. It is called Celebrity. The teams play against each other to guess as many celebrity names as possible before time runs out.Each person had to write in 6 pieces of paper six different names of famous people. We threw them into a bowl. And then, divided into two teams, each of us had to describe something about the person in order to make people of your team guessing the right name. The second round gets more difficult: you can use only two adjectives to describe the person. The last round was only about gestures and mimic. Great fun !

Dancer ? Singer ? Vogue ? Madonna !! (Ok, this was an easy one. But how the hell can you mimic Berlusconi ? Fidel Castro ? Angela Merkel ? Michelle Obama ? Pfff... You do not wanna know how we did it !). Het was heel gezellig jongens !

Andy & Fred: we enjoyed it a lot. The strawberry triffle was also great, btw. Bedankt jongens ! (That's how I' ve presented the facts. It may or may not has happened as I told you. You can read about Andy's version of the story here. )
And I wish a nice week to all of you.


Larissa, Lara, Lalá, .... said...

Adorei la creme brullee!!!!! Pode me mandar a receita? Voce usou acucar de cana ? Beijos

by Faby said...

Que post mais delicia... primeiro uma super escova (linda de morrer!), depois uma liquidaçãozinha, uma máscara facial e para finalizar um creme brulle! Que luxo Anita... (rs)! E o jantar também me pareceu muito divertido, a casserole de mushroom me deu água na boca!
E como foi a entrevista?

A Touch of Dutch said...

1.] This party looks like it was a lot of fun!

2.] You've given me a craving for creme brullee, which is a good thing ;-)

3.] I happened to notice, as I scrolled down to read this entry, that you too are a fan of Heather Bullard's blog! As a matter of fact, her blog was on my favorites on my last laptop & I hadn't remembered to add it back. Until now ;-) Cool!

4.] Finding a good hairdresser here is one of the things on my list which I have yet to put a tick next to on my list! Very glad you have & it sure sounds like it was a winner for you :-) Yea! Perhaps I should just go there myself as well? Another great excuse for me to go into Amsterdam, & I'll tell them you suggested them!

5.] Have a great week!

Anita said...

Larissa: receita facilima, coloco depois no blog. Poucos ingredientes: leite, acucar (de cana), fava de baunilha, gemas e creme. Forno em banho-maria e depois caramelizar por cima com acucar e uma pistolinha (ou no grill do forno).
Isabella: I love Heather Bullard. Wat a good taste she has. I mean, everything is elegant, stunning, lovely. She also made a comment about my post "Banana Cake". SMILE !!!
Faby: a entrevista foi so para manter uma recrutadora (que eu alias ja conhecia) informada. A partir de hoje a tarde e' que vou comecar a ver ofertas de trabalho.

~Lopa said...

When i moved here, that was my biggest dilemma, a nice hair dresser and after 1.5 years still I am not sure of one.
And since last one month everyday i think of how badly i need a hair cut, and it has started irritating me as in my whole life i had never have this long hairs and so i don't know how to manage :(

I have to go to hair dresser soon, i can't wait any longer to find a perfect one :(

And that party certainly rocked ! Now i feel hungry looking at pictures and i want my friends here to party :)

Lucila Zahran Turqueto said...

Adorei a toalha da mesa, bem divertida e colorida! bjs Lú

Breigh said...

Another reason to wish I lived in Amsterdam! I have not found a hairdresser I like or trust here in Rotterdam. It's a pity.

That creme brulee looks delishhhhh, I'm craving some now!

Charlton said...

Oi Aninha, adorei seu blog.Obrigado
pelos elogios sobre o salao e nosso trabalho. As fotos ficaram otimas e o cabelo modestia a parte
ficou um escandalo.

Andy Baker said...

How fun to read about the party a couple of days later. I've just managed to eat the last of the leftovers. Your delicious fish dish was last night's dinner and the creme brullees were the night before. The quiche was today's lunch. I should have potlucks more often. No one takes their food home. And it was great to meet S. Thanks for coming!

Anita said...

Andy: I think I am going also to buy a "zeil" from Kitsch Kitchen for my backyard table. Can you believe that people are emailing me to ask about it ? You, trendsetter...

amandablogandkiss said...

So THAT was how your hair looked so amazing! I was marvelling that it was so bouncy and shiny, I was quite jealous! :)

Anita said...

Amanda: at midnight when I was leaving the ball the charriot became a pumpkin, I washed my hair and it became inexplicable again.

Presépio no Canal said...

Hello, Anita!
I sent you a comment about your new "penteado" saying you are very beautiful, but I do not see it here. Perhaphs, an informatic problem...Well, just to say that I loved your hair! Good work, boys!

Anita said...

Sandra: I really didn't find any previous comment of yours for this post. I have no clue what has happened...

Patrick said...

Great post Anita. It was great fun seeing everyone, and I hope we do it again soon...

Anita said...

Hi Patrick! Yes, I hope we meet outside next time. I can't wait for spring. And btw, I am adding your blog to my list of faves. Sorry I haven't done it before, your blog is very informative, I learn a lot !!