Thursday, January 14, 2010

Medical Scandal of the Century

The photo above was made by me.
It is an article featured on the first page of Sp!ts newspaper, 12th Januari 2010. It says:

European Union chef: "The Griep was Not a Pandemia"
PVV wants to start a debate about "The Scandal of The Century"

Remember this old post ?

The media -worldwide - have always made a huge circus around the H1N1 virus.

Just a few cases in a country and the local and international media were announcing it as the beginning of a "pandemia". What a disservice. The press wanted to stimulate fear among citizens in order to create the false need of taking vaccinations. A vaccine that was not enough tested and that we do not know for sure what the consequences and effects are.

Holland bought millions of such vaccine, enough for two dosis (two: deux, II, dos, 1+1, twee) for each citizen. The pharmaceutical industry got millions, BILLIONS of profits.

I was very criticised by family members and acquaintaces who have heard my real opinion about this laboratorium developed disease and its crap vaccine. My intuition proved to be right though. I have heard from Dutch people that "if the Dutch government had decided it was good prevention (taking the vaccine) then it was indeed good". And that I was reacting against government advices was probably because I had "...come from a country were citizens were very suspicious of their government's decisions".

"De grootste vijand van de waarheid is het onbedachtzame respect voor autoriteiten." - Albert Einstein

Anyone, any thoughts on that ?


Aledys Ver said...

Yes, they can probably trust their gov't more - until a Davids report comes out, for example.... Or the numbers about how much it cost the NL to pay compensation for the... 100, 200? civilians they killed in Afghanistan... Alsjeblieft...!

mub said...

The thing that I was having the hardest time figuring out was why they decided everyone needed TWO doses when every other country said one would be sufficient for almost everyone!

I really do think it was about money... Wasn't the adviser who recommended the amount to be purchased found to have ties to the pharmaceutical industry?

Aledys Ver said...

Where I wrote "Afghanistan", I meant, "Uruzgan", sorry!

Anita said...

Aledys: Well, B. said he is going to study - carefully study - the report. Uh-hum !
Mub: Yes, the offical advisor has shares in the company that produced the vaccines. When inquired about that (I think in the TV program TWDD) he said "it (his participation in the company profits) was not that much". Uh-hum !

Orangesplaash said...

Yeah, it is a big scandal doctor said that the people were lapping it up(the vaccine) like anything. Its such a shame that these occasions are used by greedy folks to mint profit at the cost of public money.

Anita said...

Orangesplaash: 700 million euros. And so many people in need of that !!

Smartipants said...

I'd rather have a government that cares about pandemic prevention and the health of its citizens and purchases vaccines (at their wildly inflated prices) than one that leaves it up to the individual to deal with. Pandemics are prevented through vacinnation campaigns and these are difficult to administer without a strong government investment. So it didn't happen this time - does that mean we shouldn't prepare for the next one/ MOre people were killed of the SPanish influenza than WWI.