Friday, January 29, 2010

It Ain't Good if It's Not Dutch - The End

Wednesday 27th and yesterday I have finished with the Dutch prociency exams. The last days I think we were all pretty wired because of the responsibility. And finally yesterday afternoon, when the exams were over, most of us were in good mood and confident (me included), one was feeling sick and others were prepared to do exams again ("next time it will be better..."). Two or three of us were feeling "blanco". Actually a pair of students from our group decided not even to take exams...

Hong invited us to go to her place and have some drinks to relax. Why not ? I promptly accepted a glass of red wine.
It was a cold and sunny afternoon. At Hong's place we have changed some impressions about the course, the exams, our performances, our future plans and ambitions... in English. I was gently reproached by them for speaking in Dutch.

She showed us her photo album about her life as a model in China and hotelerie student in Switzerland, talked lightly about Budhism and let us admire her antiquities...
At the end we decided to meet up again for drinks when we know the results (after 7 weeks). A celebration drink (viering borreltje) ?
And maybe when spring arrives a barbecue and caipirinhas at my place ? We will keep in touch anyway !
(P.S.: Bedankt Hong. Het was lief van je !)


Presépio no Canal said...

Go to Presepio!

There is an award waiting for you!


Orangesplaash said...

All the best for your results Anita!!

by Faby said...

Adorei a decoração...! Boa Sorte querida!