Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dutch Pea Soup [Snert]

Delicious / Self made pea soup

Winter matches so well to pea soup. I think the Dutch version of it is wonderful. One advice though: never buy a can of it, so... bleargh ! One of these days I came hungry from my course and quickly visited the supermarket. I spotted two big cans of soup being sold for the price of one. I think I have eaten a Dutch canned soup only once in my life. I had forgotten the taste of it. Thus... why not ? You know, when you are hungry your senses are so sharp. The moment I took my soup from the microwave I just smelled that smell of ... plastic or medicine. I sweared to myself I'd never buy a can of that soup again.


What is the Dutch pea soup then ? Well, it consists of dried splited pea (soaked for half an hour in water), veggies (carrots, potatoe, onion, cellery...), and some meat (sausage and pork). Very aromatic and satisfying indeed. You can eat it with rye bread and smoked ham - that's quite optional. I always use a pressure cooker (snelkookpan) - it reduces the cooking time into half. I think a pressure cooker is a great investment.

Snert is such a thick soup that you can leave a spoon standing up on it. Well, at least the following day when it has coolled down.

You can find an excellent recipe in English clicking here - while the link lasts. Or go to: Or just try your own version (the meat I use: ham cubes and Dutch sausage). I also prefer it with pepper and olive oil - but that is me.


Aledys Ver said...

Snert is one of the very few dishes of the Dutch cuisine that I truly like. It doesn't look very appealing, but hey, that's also typically Dutch, isn't it - looks don't matter as long as it is a hearty meal!
We made snert in Argentina three or four years ago, and now it's a classic with my family and friends - sometimes we have to make it several times during our stay, because they ask for it!
My cousin calls it "la sopa de Shrek" ;o)
I also add pepper and olive oil, by the way!

Anita said...

"Looks don't matter, what it counts is your inside." I think this proverb is valid for doctors only because I have never met someone who fell in love with the lever or stomach of someone else. Oh, from now on I will call it Shrek's soup and never "snert" again. Btw... I think the color is beautiful !

thamarai said...

Looks yummy to me! I will most certainly try this out with a vegetarian twist to it..:) thanks!

Pres├ępio no Canal said...

It is so good!!yummy!