Friday, December 4, 2009

Speed Cameras [Ludieke Actie]

Photo: RTL Nieuws

Photo: Brabants Dagblad

Today 250 speed cameras in the Netherlands were surprinsingly wrapped as presents. The cameras were in Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Almere, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Hilversum, Groningen en Zwolle.
Photo: ANP

First the Dutch police said they had no idea why the cameras had been covered and that the journalists should call "Pakjes Piet" for further information (Peter Presents, one of the many name variations given to Zwarte Piet - see my previous posts). Later today, the papers informed it was a very well planned pr-stunt from Go-Fast energy drinks.
Go-Fast drink + unavailable speed cameras... did you get the joke ?
I have had a cheerful class today. First a presentation of one of the students with some singing at the end. Yeah, everyone has to give a little presentation about a favourite theme. I am still wondering what could I present in less than 10 minutes to my classmates. Then it was the teacher himself who sang with us a famous Dutch pop song (Groot Hart) and later some Sinterklaas songs.

Most of my mates didn't bother posing for photos...

...while others have had enough with my atomic camera !


My son has been sick today, feverish and lost his appetite. And then when I just arrived home after chasing for presents in Amsterdam we received a visit from three Zwarte Pieten and St. Klaas himself (with a little present) ! Actually it was organized by my son's school and therefore one of the teachers was with the group. The Peters threw peppernuts everywhere in the living room, made some jokes about my son's condition (he was in pajamas) and I must confess that when they left our place the atmosphere was quite cheerful.

Wow, I have so much homework to do TODAY ! And presents to wrap, a pile of clothes to iron, research to do for my presentation, friends and family members I must call and do some job hunting.
But then, problem solved: I threw a frozen pizza in the oven and then wrote this post.

Ha !


I am not wonder woman.


Jaboticaba Preta said...

kkkk amei essa idéia das câmaras revestidas de cadautjes :D

Josh said...

Hi Anita,

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Anita said...

Josh; THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! Specially during the last weeks I've been finding it difficult to blog. Very limited amount of free time, busy agenda, sick children... The recognition came just in time. Please allow me to paste the award in the blog. I wait for your "ok". Have a nice day !

by Faby said...

Essas câmeras só podem ser coisa de algum artista "conceitual" ... Intervenção Urbana! Adorei!
E o pimpolho melhorou?
Beijos... saudades!