Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

During the last days in Holland there has been a LOT of snow.
I'd like to share with you some photos of my village I have taken today.
Let's see some aspects of a Dutch white winter in a village, shall we ?
Somewhere in North Holland you can find...

Pretty Christmas features in the gardens...

and "frozen" statues. (bevroren beeldjes)

Some houses in my village. It is full of canals and islands.

You do not see such type of houses (all in wood) frequently.

My village is pretty rich in birds:
ducks, storks, herons, swans, water hens, geese...

Special duck, isn't it ?

They are everywhere in the canals

This is a fake one guys ! (De reiger)

Some birdhouses (vogelhuisjes)

Many frozen ways...
Frozen waterway # 2

Frozen waterway # 3
Bootjes ...

Yes!! Sneeuwpoppen !!

Snowman # 1

Snowman # 2

Snowman # 3

Snowman # 4

Snowman #5

Snowman # 6
Snowman # 7
I am happy I do not have to drive the next two weeks.
Snow can be very charming but may also mean trouble.
Holland is absolutely stunning now.
Have a lovely week you all !!


Presépio no Canal said...

Lindas, lindas fotos :)

Gostei muito :)

Beijinhos e Optima Semana :)

Lopa said...

Awwww, pics are so beautiful.... and even right now while typing this when i am looking outside window it's so beautiful.... while snow carpet all over.
This weekend i spent in capturing these beautiful moments and views in my camera :)

Breigh said...

I think the snow can make anything look beautiful here in the Netherlands. Even things like boats sinking in the canals suddenly have a really lovely look haha

Jane Murback said...

Anita, como sempre arrasando nas fotos.
Lindo mesmo ver a neve, mas acho que prefiro as fotos que rolarão em abril.... será que vamos estar todos juntos nas fotos.
Tomara !

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