Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lazy Saturday [Doce de Leite, mmm]

At the moment I have some vacations from the Dutch course. I have had a lazy Saturday and spare time to do something lekkers in the kitchen. It has always amazed me that most Dutch do nothing about condensed milk. They use it for the coffee and that's it. While in Brazil it can be used for zillion of puddings, pies, cake fillings and sweets. But then I think it is a typical South American thing, this passion for doce-de-leite / dulce de leche.
Something sooo easy to try: get a can of condensed milk, remove the label and place it in a pressure cook pan (snelkookpan). Cover it with water. Cook it for exactly half an hour. Remove it from the pan and let it cool down before opening it. (If you do not have such a pan you may have to cook it for 1h. )
Spread it on your favourite cake, croissants or cookies. I personally love it with cake and pices of pineapple. The thickened condensed milk tastes super sweet and the pineapple adds some balance to it. But that's me. It goes also well with strawberries or you favourite fruit.


A Touch of Dutch said...

This is great of you to share! Thank you for the very easy tip to make something so delicious :-)

I haven't had enough time to blog or check on blogs for the last few months, but I wanted to finally stop by & take a few moments to browse through what you have to share. Wish you a restful & merry Christmas & all of the best for 2010!

oranjeflamingo said...

Oh, that sounds delicious with the cake and pineapple!

expatnumbat said...

Aha, so that's how it's made. My colleague brought me some back from Brazil -- it's strange but nice at the same time.

Feliz Natal!
- Nicole

glduro_marieloupe said...

Hi, Anita! Nice to meet you! We loved your blog too.

I spent a lot of time explain to some foreing friends what in the heaven is doce de leite! Next time, I ll point to your blog! May I?

Come along to chat for an instant.

Greetings from Rio!
glduro & marieloupe

Anita said...

A Touch of Dutch & Orange Flamingo: it is so simple and perfect !!
Nicole: Strange ? It is just milk and sugar.
Glduro_marieloupe: be my guest !

Leti Locatelli said...

Anita, i haven't move to Holland yet, but i'm already missing Dulce de Leche!!! Havanna alfajores in Buenos Aires are simply the best for me!!!
Do you think dutch people would like dulce de leche? My boyfriend is not a big fan of it.... LOL

I will be in Holland next Jan 26th, but this time just on vacations! I hope you are fine.

PS: I'm really curious about your Dutch classes. Are them for the IN2? Since I already passed IN1 i will have to start thinking about it....

Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo!
Dikke kus van Buenos Aires!

Anita said...

Oh Leti, this is an acquired taste. I have brought alfajores to some colleagues & family and they found it pretty good. My neighbours told me bluntly that the chocolate alfajor was like a brick in their stomachs. Therefore... I do not have many illusions about many things anylonger. Sometimes you think a meal is great, you have a lot of work preparing it and they only say "mwa ..." or just a plain "lekker". The course I do is at the INTT (at the UvA). And I will soon take the NT2 - Programma II exams (Dutch Proficiency).

Breigh said...

Oh my word, I'm drooling over here! I just want to take the can and eat it with a spoon! :P

Anita said...

Hoi Breigh, thanks for the comments. I just checked your blog, it is very dynamic, really cool ! I just added it to the expats' blogs list. And about the "blik gecondenseerde melk" I've heard that some women in Brazil make two holes in the can and just suck it. Maybe I come back with recipes, there are uncountable ones.

Araujo said...

ai que saudades! Lembrei da minha terra.... BELO HORIZONTE!!!!