Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pies, Pies, Pies [Taarten]

Everytime I go to department store De Bijenkorf I admire their pies. They inspire me for my own pie presentations. Something baroque such as the fruit pie above (it looks like an old Dutch painting doesn't it) ? Or do you prefer the elegant and minimalist below ?

I always photograph food (and especially sweets) when I go abroad. I have amazing photos from Istanbul to Stockholm, from Antwerpen to Valencia. But this blog is about Dutch things. I always found these pies from de Bijenkorf haute couture. And... no, I do not have a sweet tooth. I just think making pies and decorating them veeery exciting !

The sumptuous and round shape pies above and below are called "boule" (ball). They can be made of mousse or bavarois.
If you wish to start baking amazing, I mean really fantastic Dutch pies (sweet and harty) I highly recommend you the following little book: Taart, zoet & hartig (Inmerc bv., Wormer ISBN 90 6611 258 1). There are also several international recipes. I have made some and the result was always perfect. Btw.. I love also other books of this collection such as "Tapas" and "Koken op z'n Belgisch" - excellent.

In this book you also find wine suggestions and nutritional information. You even discover how to make the famous "boules". I think cooking is an interesting way of discovering other cultural habits and socializing with the natives - why not ? Let's bake !


by Faby said...

Anita, que tentação! São lindos e devem ser deliciosos! Me deixou com água na boca... engordei dois kilos no último mês, socorro! hahahaha

Carol Pascual said...

Oi! Conheci seu blog hj atrves do amarelhinha q tambem conheci hj.
Gostei da sua entrevista.