Monday, November 9, 2009

Mushies !!

I decided to post here today a good selection of some of my preferred photos with mushrooms. Some of the photos were made while we were wondering in parks or recreation areas. I still didn't spot this year the classic red with white dots (Amanita Muscaria). My children were disappointed. I guess I will make for them cooked eggs topped by a half tomatoes and mayonnaise drops. I snatched the first photo on this post from the wikipedia page. All the rest was made by me.

I have made some research and discovered this one above is called "Tinder Fungi". They have been used as fire starters.
This one above reminds me of the Alien from "The Little Shop of Horrors" !

The blond above is my sister-in-law. She works since recently as a "Guide through the nature" on a voluntary basis, in the Monnickendam area. Last Sunday was her first day in the function and she did it great, really. She did not forget her text nor lots of figures, made questions to the group, showed us photos of animals and had some pots with seeds and plants with her. She also had some mini mirrors in her backpack so that the participants - especially the children- could, for example, look under the mushies and check how their shapes were.

The area my sister-in-law was guiding us through was a large area in North-Holland (large for Dutch terms, everything is relative). Part of it is left without human interference, so that nature can do its own way. It surprised me then when I found this willow tree adorned with feathers: probably a group came in the Saturday evening and arranged some (magic?) ritual. Check below:

Tartufo, cogumelo, paddestoel, fungi, champignon... More than 60.000 species are found in the nature.
All this Sunday after watching so many mushrooms my husband and I decided to prepare for dinner a quiche with lots of onions & garlic, mushies and smoked bacon. I will be posting the photos soon (hopefully). I wish you all a nice week !


Jase said...

That's a fantastic variety of mushie photos!

Ann Moeller said...

I love mushrooms!!
Poland is the place for them.. They are very much used in Polish cuisine and can be found easily over there.
Picking them in the forest is great fun and the variety that can be found surprising for the ones unaware of that..
I love pancakes with mushrooms and cheese, loads of pics...xx

Anita said...

Oi Ann ! Pena que no Brasil so exista o "champignon de Paris" aqueles branquinhos em vidros ou latas e que o pessoal usa fatiado em laminas para fazer o estrogonofe brasileiro. Amo a variedade Cantharel ! Se voce gosta de cogumelos (pra comer, hehehe), entao se joga filha !!