Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally !

How long does it take to adapt to another country ?
One year ? Ten years ? A whole life ?
After reading this post I realized I have a thick skin as a foreigner.
I plan to have my own B&B in Brazil when I retire - lately I have been considering maybe before that. Let's see how the job market will be next year. I hope to get a very nice job in 2010!
Just like everyone in the Brazilian press and my old colleagues, I am still TOO critical about Brazil. Its disgusting politicians, the huge social differences, some aspects of the culture, the violence of big cities. I just love the people though. Food, sparkling weather, open spaces, easy relations. Freedom, freedom.

Curious about The Economist ? The whole article is here.
In Portuguese you can read Paulo Moreira Leite's amazing post here.
Or Ms. Buchala's post here.


Beach Vintage said...

Wow Anita, thanks for opening our eyes to other parts of this world. Sometimes I get a little naive to others issues as I have it so good where I am, so thanks and don't let go of your dreams and hopes for your B&B. Simone xx

Ann Moeller said...

My opinion is that we have to wait and see...Although I have no plans to live in Brazil again, I would love to see the country to "take off" as said and be respected worldwide(starting with the Brazilian politicians and people in power) as a potency that everybody knows that it is.
Brazil the new USA? Even better I believe (we've got oil, lots of it,hehe). If people learn once and for all to respect each other and the land they step on, we can do it!!