Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dutch Comfort Food: Griesmeel Pudding

Or in other words: semolina pudding. It is sooo easy, unbelievable ! I have had it a couple of times by my in-laws and finally decided to prepare it. Not the most sophisticated thing on Earth, but why not give it a try ?

You will need:
1 liter milk
1 little sachet of vanille sugar (=1tb spoon)
100g griesmeel (=10 tablespoon)
75g sugar
pinch of salt

Wet a pudding bowl with cold water and pop it in the fridge. Gather the ingredients.
Pour the milk in a pan and start cooking. Add the griesmeel, vanilla sugar, sugar and salt and mix well. Let it cook while stirring (3 minutes) until it thickens. Pour delicately the mix in the pudding bowl from the fridge. Let the pudding cool down back in the fridge. You can serve the pudding with fruitcompote or your favourite fruit sauce. Eet smakelijk !


Ann Moeller said...

Apesar de ter intolerancia, eu adoro semolina..vou experimentar qualquer dia..a receita e simples, mas, parece divina,rsrs...xx

Jane Murback said...

Ai, grazadeus eu nao entendo picas dos nomes dessas ingredientes!
(mas fico com vontade de comer mesmo sem saber o que é)
Bjo gata!

Anita said...

Jane, "griesmeel" e' semolina e bem facinho de achar ai no Brasil. Faz um mingauzinho, coloca num pyrex na geladeira e sirva com frutas (abacaxi, moranguinhos etc.). Hummm...

Anonymous said...

It seems to be a granny's pudding...

Anonymous said...

I grew up making griesmeel every saturday to be eaten on sunday! Finally, I figured out semonila is the same! After 20 years just forgot the measurements. Thanks for the refreshers; and YES it is GRANNY pudding but so delicious and simple; we used to eat it with unsweetened cranbarry juice just to add some tartness to the sweetness.