Thursday, November 12, 2009

Create your Own Vaccine

Photo: ANP / Olaf Kraak

Since before 1st November I have been planning the organization of my home. Because I was working 4 days a week, certain things were being neglected at home. I had a messy wardrobe, some photo albums needed to be completed, my leather shoes needed a good polish, many objects were out of place and so on. But when 1st November arrived I just could accomplish certain tasks during the first two or three days of unemployment. One child got sick on the 4th November, and now it is my youngest one. The common seasonal flu paid a visit to us. My youngest one still coughs A LOT and keeps us awake during the nights, but she is in a cheerful mood and takes vitamines (and therefore eats well). Hopefully nobody will be sick next week when I start an intensive course for two months.

Holland has bought enough vaccination for the whole population against the Mexican flu. Two dosis for each citizen. They assume it will be arriving during the winter in Holland. But I would NOT like to have my kids vaccinated against it - the influenza A virus subtype H1N1 (also popular known as "swine influenza" or "Mexican flu") in the case they get the symptoms. There is mercury in it, and formaldehydes - which are cancer causing agents. We just do not know the side effects of this kind of vaccine nor whether you are specifically suffering from the Mexican flu.

And why is the media amplifying so much the story ? In Brazil parents are not sending their children to school after July vacations. The media is spreading FEAR. Ten cases of the disease and then they say that millions might die of it. Everything is getting out of proportion when we read about H1N1 virus.

Doubts, doubts, doubts. I try to focus on the healthy aspects of life and ban my fears.

Anyway, check this video for the fun.

Amanda van Mulligen has also a nice post about it.


Ann Moeller said...

Hi Anita,
I would never take tha vaccine or give it to my son as well. As I treat myself and my family with Homeopathy, I had a long talk with my doc about that and of course, he just re forced what I think about it.
Pharmaceutic Industry making millions and treating us, poor mortals like guinea pigs. How do we know what is gonna happen after 5 years of taking the vaccine?? Nobody knows yet, too risky...
Swine flu? and about the flu that kill people every year and no one talks about it?

Littlelou said...

I'd rather take the chance of getting cancer in ten years than die of Swine flu next week. Im vaccinated against 'normal' flu too. In Scotland only priority groups are considered.

Anita said...

Lou: you DO have a point there. The problem is: we do not know what exactly the "ingredients" of this vaccine are. Are we going to get cancer ? Have a lethal reaction ? Die of it? Get infertile ? (Or receive a nano-chip in our bodies, hahahaha...). In Holland only my second child was invited to a shot (she's under 4 and healthy) and I am struggling with so many doubts. My mind is racing.