Friday, November 27, 2009

Break Time [Nieuwkomers]

Let me introduce you my new colleagues (medestudenten).
All smart foreigners who wish to bring their Dutch into a higher level.
Above: Rachel (Canada) and Piia (Finland) eat and listen to Marina (Ukraine).

Joyce (Brazil), Hong (China) and Gloria (Indonesia) pay lots of attention as well...

Barbara (Poland) and Dimitrios (Greece).

Being goofy again ! C'mon darling, you cannot hide forever...

Show me your eyes...

Beatrice (France), Donald (USA) and Ehsan (Iran).

These are the new arrivals.
And we talk and talk and talk... Foreigners and specially foreign students have a lot of stress, Gosh ! We enjoy a lot these minutes together, at least I DO. Everyone is serious about getting the proficiency in Dutch in order to pursue studies or work in the NL. The rest of the group - Charlotte, Aziza, Magda, Tatjana... - was somehere else (where were you guys?). Our teacher does not join us during the break, of course not. But you can find him here.


by Faby said...

oi Ana, como estão as aulas? Pelo jeito tudo está indo muito bem(rs)! Beijos

Jaboticaba Preta said...

Conhecer pessoas de outras culturas, países e sem dúvida um lado super positivo de viver na Holanda.

Beijocas e bom final de semana!