Thursday, November 5, 2009

Amsterdam Scenes: Central Station

The Centraal Station in Amsterdam is where everything starts for most tourists. It is the real heart of the city. Central not only by the name, but also as the biggest public transport transfer spot, serving not only visitors to Amsterdam, but also city inhabitants. It is estimated that every day 250 000 people go through the Amsterdam Central Station !

And why can't you see the whole beauty of the lovely Neo-Renaissance building here ? Well, the station is currently under reconstruction due to the construction of the North/South metro line. It is to be completed in early 2015. I think in the past decade I have been only twice or maybe three times in the metro in the NL. I'd rather a million times take a tram or a bus than the Dutch metro. Lisbon metro ? Great tiles ! Singapore ? Big "YES" ! Rio ? ok. But in the A'dam one I found the ambiance always scary. I am a tram person, I like to see people and streets... Do not take me wrong: I love Dutch train stations, I just avoid especifically the metro.

Is this politician Suu Kyi ? I am almost 100% sure. Why is she being featured here I do not have a clue. Anyway, I think these pannels are an absolutely pretty solution to hide all the mess around the Centraal Station (or just "Amsterdam CS" for the Dutch). This is what I could photograph while trying to position myself amongst the picpockets, tourists, passers-by, junkies and policemen - and trams running right behind my ankles.


Invader_Stu said...

I think this shows how sleepy I am in the mornings. I had not spotted this at all yet.

Lu_Russa said...

oi Anita,

vou passar o Ano Novo em Amsterdam, finalmente conhecerei o país.

Se tiver alguma dica, algo que não posso perder da cidade, ou onde eu tenho que ir, please, eu agradeceria, to meio perdida



Anita said...

Invader_Stu: I think it has been there for more than half a year.
Lu: Que maximo ! Voce e' viajandona mesmo hein ? Vamos trocar e-mails ja !