Monday, October 5, 2009

Thank you America !

I think the images say it all.
I decided one of these days to make a special dinner for my kids. They are not complicated at all, I must say. I just decided to make something ... mmm funky. Instead of regular sausages I used soy sausages. My family is already used to full grain spaghetti - but of course you can use your regular spaghetti. Cook it as usual , strain it carefully and add your favourite sauce. I kept it simple with homemade tomato sauce + fresh herbs and some grated cheese.

But why is the title of this post a "thank you" to America ? Well, guys... for some inexplicable reason I am huge (everything is relative) in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago - and I have to say that I know nobody there ! I have no connections with the States, never lived there but I do post some comments in American blogs so maybe this is the reason for more pageloads.

My blog is mostly read in the Netherlands (50%). Then in a good second place comes Brazil (21%), followed by the USA (10%), Portugal (5%) and United Kingdom (3%). Brazilians are the most generous about posting comments - and most of my texts are in English. Dutch people access my blog A LOT but never ever post a comment. Ils sont fous ces bataves. Yeah... blogland is a strange world.
Once more: thanks America for reading my blog !

"Holy atomic pile ! I'm feeling hungry Batman !"
"Of course Robin. Even crime-fighters must eat. And especially you. You're a growing boy and you need your nutrition".

Oi leitores queridinhos e gente bronzeada ! As fotos já se explicam. Espetem com cuidado - mas sem medo - espaguete cru nas salsichinhas (eu usei salsicha feita de soja, to tentando da uma maneirada no consumo de proteína animal),coloquem para cozinhar normalmente, escorram e acrescentem o molho favorito. Eu fiz um molho de tomate com ervas verdes e acrescentei um pouco de queijo ralado. A massa eu usei do tipo integral, minha família ta super acostumada. Eu tinha visto umas fotos no blog Rainhas do Lar há muito tempo atrás mostrando o passo a passo e dia desses resolvi fazer pros meus pimpolhos. Eles não são nem um pouquinho complicados para comer e amaram a idéia. Voltando ao assunto do espaguete muito doido: dou a maior forca pra vocês tentarem esse macarrão em casa. Meu marido quando viu as minhas fotos achou hilário !


Beach Vintage said...

Oh my goodness I would have never thought of doing this with the spaghetti. Amazing.

john does Amsterdam said...

well- i am in NL- though not dutch... but i certainly will start commenting more often!

and thank for your comment. Brazil is discovering how powerful it is. most definitely. and i'm excited for the Olympics for sure!

Pamela said...

Genius and so simple!! Will definitely have to try this!!

Aledys Ver said...

Are those soya sausages really "lekker"? I don't think I'll be able to try them at home, my husband is more "argie" than I am, and he (like my mum) considers a capital sin not to include meat in meals :o) I might fool him into thinking that they're the real deal... but problem is, he's the one usually doing the cooking at home!
So basically, you'll have to invite me over one day and make this pasta dish for me to try Lol!

amandablogandkiss said...

What a funny idea with the sausages and spaghetti!!! I love it!

by Faby said...

Delicia Anita... salsicha de soja eu nunca tinha visto! hahaahha

Já postei o macarrão, mas ainda não fiz! As crianças gostaram?? Ai, preciso fazer urgente!