Sunday, October 4, 2009

Open Ateliers De Pijp # 2

Today I have been in the south area in Amsterdam in an area called "De Pijp", visiting some ateliers. More than 80 artists and artisans had their working places open to the public. Impossible to show here the few I have visited - too many photos indeed. Some ateliers were extremely small, others more factory-like. In all of them the sphere was relaxed and the work of high standards. We started visiting Harrie van Gennip and his restored heaters. They come from different parts of Europe and United States and are of very diverse styles. I fell in love with some of them, especially some blue ones in Art Nouveau style.

More than 100 heaters from whole Europe from the period 1890 - 1960.

The second atelier I visited was from Mirjam Aalbers, in the third floor of a building. The most sophisticated jewelries I have even seen. Check them at

Mirjam Aalbers' stunning jewelry

Ms. Aalbers is incredible isn't she ?

And of course I have visited also Marcella Madeira's exposition and took lots of pics. You go girl ! If you want to know more then visit:

It was a dry and clear day and I am falling in love with autumn. I detested the last springs in Holland due to my allergy to pollen. But we are having a wonderful autumn so far. And it was a good injection of energy in my day to be surrounded by so many creative dedicated people.

Have a good week you all !


by Faby said...

Que delicia de passeio... adorei os aquecedores!
E o trabalho da Marcella é maravilhoso! Adorei ter conhecido, muito inspirador!

Ana, sabe que meu tempo livre é praticamente enqto o Antonio está na escola, e estava passando muito tempo no computador por causa dos blogs. Estou deixando muito coisa para trás, preciso me organizar e rever minhas prioridades. Estamos indo viajar esta semana e só volto dia 18/10. Estou com saudades....

Um beijo enorme na familia!

Presépio no Canal said...

You are beautiful on the foto ...when I look, it was like I was seeing a portuguese friend of mine! But I think she hasn`t got any sister here ;)
By the way,I love Art Nouveau! :)
Have a wonderful week, Anita, and thanks to show us Open Ateliers de Pijp :)
Everything so...uau..!!

Gabriela Gonçalves said...

Amei os trabalho da marcela, lindos!!!
Todos os trabalhos de muito bom gosto,
bju querida.

Mônica Angeleas said...

Anita querida, sempre com novidades bacanas!!
Legal sua foto com a Marcella.
Bjs e boa semana.


Oi Ana! Adorei a sua visita durante a minha exposicao! Obrigada! Foi um sucesso, quase 300pessoas vieram!! :-)

E obrigada tb a todos pelos elogios! Nao existe melhor coisa para o artista do que emocionar as pessoas através de sua arte, isto realmente nao tem preco! Bjs, Marcella Madeira

Lucila Zahran Turqueto said...

Adorei a alternativa das lareiras portáteis! Bjs