Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009

(German readers please skip this post)

When I was in Zaandam a couple of days ago I had to laugh out loud when I noticed this poster below. I didn't have my atomic camera with me, therefore I snatched the photo from the net:

On the web pag they stat that "The virus of this festival has also reached Zaandam." Virus ? I beg your pardon ? Dutch people celebrating Oktoberfest ? In Holland ? I don't think so. EVERYBODY knows the hottest Oktoberfest is celebrated in this city and its environs. Check also: (put the volume high !). With an advantage: no understanding of German language required. LOL .

Alô Blumenau, Bom dia Brasil
17 dias de folia
Música, cerveja e alegria

Alô Blumenau, Bom dia Brasil
Festa para o povo da cidade
Musica para nossa mocidade
Alô Blumenau, Bom dia Brasil
Hoje todo mundo está dançando
Hoje todo mundo está cantando

Upadate: while during the last years the number of participants of the Oktoberfest in Munich has progressivelly declined (due fear of terrorrist attacks according to some Dutch newspapers) the number of people visiting Blumenau increases year after year after year (1 million in 2009). LOL.

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