Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eyecandy: Front Doors

No garden ? No problem ! You still can have a flowered front-door.

Mondriaan inspired.

Photo made during spring time, of course.

I remember that during this shot, the homeowners were upstairs looking curious at me through the windows.

A bit cluttered entrance (above), but it is okay.

I love the architectural style above.

Which is your favourite front-door ? I have to say: the Dutch do care for optimal feng-shui in what concerns bringing good vibes home. The doors always have good maintenance and are frequently embelished by plants. Makes me want to go outside and clean my door.


Invader_Stu said...

Number 2 looks very very Dutch :p

thamarai said...

hmm..I would say, of these pictures, I like #89 and #33 the best..looks good and less cluttered...

hey, great observations! :)

oranjeflamingo said...

I love taking photos of pretty doors, too, although here in the city center, it tends to be just the door, without all of the flowers. A few of the smaller, quieter side streets have some lovely flowers, though. I particularly like the Mondrian-inspired door.


Lizzy said...

Cool post! I like the one that was taking during spring time and the one where the neighbors were looking at you from upstairs. Those are very pretty! I wish we could decorate our front door, but I'm afraid that living in the city, someone would just steal or vandalize it.

Aledys Ver said...

Lovely pictures!
And you are right - looking at these decorated doors made me want to go out and do something about my door as well - other than dusting it from time to time, I don't have any kind of decorations or plants there!
My favourite is the hobbit hole! I think it's a door in the garden fence, though, and not a front door?

Anita said...

Aledys: the hobbit hole is not a front door. Maar.. ach! Dat mag ook, toch ?

Aledys Ver said...

Of course "dat mag"! lol! I thought it was cute ;)