Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bike [Fiets] (Bici)

It is a while I do not post about bikes here. The last time was about a Dutch bike used as decorative piece and parked in front of a shop in Brazil. I found this ultradecorated one today when I went to the supermarket. I started taking photos with my atomic camera and misplacing the bike for better angles when I heard somebody behind me saying: "My bike is really beautiful isn't it ? Two euros per pic, please." I blinked many times, mumbled something incomprehensible, grabbed my kid and disappeared inside of the supermarket.
Encontrei essa bici quando fui hoje ao supermercado. Comecei a fazer fotos com minha camera atomica e mover a bicicleta um pouquinho para obter os melhore angulos quando ouvi alguem dizer por tras de mim: "Minha bicicleta e' mesmo muito linda, ne ? Dois euros por foto, por favor". Pisquei os olhos, murmurei algo ("que caro, vou deletar tudo") , rodei os calcanhares e me pirulitei pra dentro do supermercado que nem um raio.


Presépio no Canal said...

Oh Anita,

This story is hilarious! )))
I am glad you did it because we need some little adventures per day in our life ;)
The bike deserve your fotos! Ultradecorated, indeed!

A nice wednesday to you :)

Beach Vintage said...

I love that floral bag on the back of that last bike. How adorable.

Anita said...

Simone, it is possibly from Dutch brand Kitsch Kitchen. Check: (and click on the button "label products" left up side of the site). Good luck !

Aledys Ver said...

Indeed, hilarious!! I hope she was joking...
Nice bike to ride up and down the "sambódromo" for Carnival!! :o)

Jane Murback said...

Meu, tu que tem que cobrar pra bike aparecer nesse blog totalmente cool !


by Faby said...

Hahahaha... ela é linda mesmo! Sou suspeita, né?!