Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Acquired Tastes

This morning when I went to the nearby supermarket I noticed a big island with products being offered for 35% discount. I decided to have a look and found really excellent stuff: Moroccan couscous, Indian tea, Spanish rice for paella, soya milk without addictives or E-letters, dark Belgian chocolate, giant Spanish olives, coconut milk. And among the things I was not interested in were: baby food, guacamole for tortillas (very fake, without avocados), ketchup and much much more. Surprisingly, the validity of must products was very long: 2011 or further. I picked my own things (I purchased more items than those on the photo) and asked the cashier why they were being offered on discount. She said the same products are going to arrive soon in a new packaging. I doubt her. I think the referred products were resting for a long time on the shelves and the supermarket decided to get rid of them. Most of them were foreign stuff and Dutch villagers do not know – or are not interested in - how to prepare them. Crisis or not “Wat de boer niet kent dat eet hij niet”. A farmer doesn’t eat what he doesn’t know. Period.


Cruela Veneno da Silva said...

já pensou se a skol resolve mudar a embalagem e me vender a latinha por 0,70..

é a glória.


Anita said...

Ai Cruela, voce por aqui que emocao ! Eu amo o "Calcinhas".

Lizzy said...

Wow, you scored big time!

Jane Murback said...

Gata, amo coisas com desconto de qualquer espécie .... e por qualquer motivo!

Bjo, missU

p.s. cara, eu sou ph&d@, me sinto tão gente humana sabendo inglês tão bem direitinho.

Aledys Ver said...

Hoi, Anita!
Nice stuff you got at the supermarket! I agree with you, I suspect they put those items on sale because they just want to get rid of them. Did you by any chance see any "dulce de leche"? I've read that in some branches of all the big supermarkets they have a brand called "Mijn Oma", but here in Zwolle none of the main chains have it.
I love that phrase, "wat de boer niet kent..."
Well, enjoy your "treasures"! :)

EFRUTIK said...

Heeeee Anita,

Greetings from AMERICA, lol. I live in the States although I am not American myself yet, at least. I super liked your post here. I first wanted to copy the names of the "top photographers in the Netherlands" and accidentally copied the entire page. BUT was a good thing b/c this post came up and I thought it was very nice. At first though I saw the picture of the cooked pasta and thought "how the heck did she do that?" Then I saw the top pic where you pierced the sausages with the raw pasta. I think its lekker!!!!!! Pardon my Dutch by the way it is not top notch, since I a minor at learning it. My b/f is Dutch and at times I catch some words here and there. Apparently I am very good at saying "Vlees" hihi. Probably b/c I love meat in general.

I shall be back again to your very nice corner of the net :)