Saturday, September 5, 2009

Meet the Bloggers [Encontro de Blogueiros]

Last Friday evening I took a train to Amsterdam and when I was reaching Central Station my colleague Felix saw me.

- Darling, what are you doing here ? You live in a village right ? Shopping ?
- Yes, I live in (bleep) and no, I am not going for shopping.
- What about your kids ? Friday evening is family time.

(Felix is always controlling my level of happinness, kinda of checking whether I am a proper mom, lol)
- Where are you going now ?
- I am going to meet some people.
- What kind of people darling ?
- Er... I don't know them - not personally. Other bloggers.
- Darling ! That is so typical you ! On a Friday after your work you go to a bar to meet... bloggers. This hobby of yours ! (he rolled his eyes)
- ?????
- Lol ! Have a nice time darling !

I went straight to Bijenkorf and then later I met Aussie blogger Angela Rhodes in Leidseplein. Time for some cafe au lait (which the Dutch waiter called "an olé", lol). We enjoyed dinner in Waga Mama and exchanged some impressions and opinions about Amsterdam, Australia, Brasil - and of course about Dutch people and their abnormal cultural habits (I guess this is an obsession theme for expats). It was pouring outside ! Then we walked to tiny Cafe Gollem to meet "the other bloggers". We were a total of 15 bloggers and supportive significant others.

Angela Rhodes and Steph.

Living legend in blogland Andy Baker and Patrick

Left to right: Amanda from, Haley, Lizzy and her partner on the right side.

Meet the Aussies: Jandals (Hanny & Jason) and this bloggirl.
I am in a hurry now therefore this is not my best post. There are more photos in other blogs. All I can say is that I enjoyed meeting other bloggers and definitely would like to meet them again. Maybe I will be seeing Andy in Amsterdam for a cup of coffee next week, he is open for that possibility. When I was leaving I gave him my hand but instead he said: "Hey, give me a hug !" which is such an American thing - by the way, Brazilians do the same gesture as well. A Dutch person would never do that in a first meeting. Lol.
Supportive partners (photo was stolen from Amanda's blog)

John (also stolen from Amanda's)

P.S.: Heather, Isabella, Twopenneth, Aledys Ver, Amanda van Mulligen, Sandra, Droomvla and others... What about you girls ?


Bella said...

15 bloggers from the whole world!
I wish!
Loved that guy's sweater!!!

Andy Baker said...

This 'living legend' snagged one of your photos. Hope you don't mind. Great to see you last night. Too bad you left so early.

Aledys Ver said...

Ohh how nice!!

Oh dear, we're lost in "boerenland" out here, we see no one, know no one..... :(


"Gezellig was dat!!"

Aledys Ver said...

Me again - now that I think of it, wouldn't that be a great name for my new blog? I could change it to "Lost in boerenland"! :o)

Droomvla said...

Everybody seems to be having a great time. :) Well, maybe next time I can join you guys. Would be nice!

oranjeflamingo said...

I've been enjoying reading everyone's summary of the evening and have found some more great blogs in the process! Glad you all had a good time.


Pinay in Dutchland said...

Hi Anita,

Why dont you organise something for our meet-up. I would love to meet you guys. Weve been online friends for so many months now and I think its time to take it to another level.

Ill send you a pm.

amandablogandkiss said...

Yes organize something! We definitely need more face time! Never got a chance to talk properly!