Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Dutch Trend: Decorating with Letters

I bought in the beginning of this year three letters at Sissy-Boy to hang on a piece of wall of my living-room. I have been seeing them A LOT in Dutch magazines (Ariadne at Home, VT Woon, Viva), blogs (the American Made By Girl) and foreign decoration magazines as well. Because our living has dominant shades of orange, terracota and yellow, I decided the letters should be painted in the same palette, but bolder: dark red.

I did the painting work last weekend because it was pretty sunny and dry outside. You need to clean the letters before you can start getting your hands dirty with your favourite colour. Wait for at least 24 h before you apply a second layer. You should let them dry properly in a shadowy and dry place.
If you have very flat surface walls, then you can use double face adhesives on the letters. If it is not the case and you do not dare to hang them on the wall, then I suggest you paint them and let them on a shelf, or on your coffe table, or against a window. It is more delicate when you go for words not longer than 3 or 4 letters (suggestions: love, amor, lief, kiss, kus, leuk, blue, pink, rose, yes, tea, sun, star, sky, wow, lol, pop, etc, good, bye, cool). I particularly think "sun" painted in golden would be stunning. You can also have only your initial or of your loved one. Each letter costs about 10 to 12 euros at Sissy-Boy. Shops in more than 30 locations in the Netherlands.


Aledys Ver said...

Great idea, Anita!! It looks pretty and original... mmmm... will definitely think about it!
Thanks for the tip.
Saludinhos :)

Amanda Blog and Kiss said...

I love this idea but could never think of what I wanted to spell out! I once spent about an hour at the market in Madrid, mulling over the letters on offer but couldn't think of anything! "Joy" is lovely- simple and sweet.

~Lopa said...

wow, that looks beautiful on your wall !

Elise said...

Hello ! Lovely post - thank you for sharing it. I really enjoyed looking through your site today - best wishes and lovely to meet you !

by Faby said...

Absolutely gourgeous!
Prendada amiga... ficou um charme! Adorei!

Natalie said...

Looks very nice Anita!!!Is always wonderful be surrounded for positive phrases.Is great for our well being,and to remember the gift that is live the present, in this case with JOY! This one on the wall was a great idea, thanks for sharing

Presépio no Canal said...

I agree with Natalie...every word of it ;)