Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rio For Partiers

One great guide about Rio: "Rio for Partiers, Visual Travel Guide to Rio de Janeiro", by Cristiano Nogueira, Sol Cat Publishing. It is basically divided into three main parts: Daytime Activities (Relaxing/Sport/Cultural/Pricey/Rainy Day), NightTime Activites and a Food Guide. It has many, many fotos, illustrations and maps and the text is very informative and humourous.

In the end of the book you also find how to do business in Brazil, great destination close to Rio and z "Brazil at a Glance" chapter with tips of cities to visit. Fantastic !

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ts said...

Hi Anita,
thanks for the positive review! Glad you liked it. Am working on the next edition... got any ideas for new topics?

Anita said...

Oooh, What an honour to have a comment from you ! Actually I do have some tips: you book needs a word index at the end. And why not a page about Niteroi (MAC museum in Boa Viagem, Parque da Cidade, unspoiled beaches such as Itacoatiara, fast ferry Charitas-Rio) ?

Anonymous said...

Hi All!

Please if you downloaded Rio For Partiers, make it available somewhere in an out of Brazil site.

We are advocates of freedom of speech at Internet.

Unfortunatelly yesterday Rio for Partiers had to delete the files due to people that don´t understand what freedom is.

Thank you.

Please publish the link !

Anita said...

I quite didn't understand your remarks. The link to rioforpartiers was since the first moment in my post. An it is working.