Saturday, August 1, 2009

Greetings from São Paulo # 3

Gotham City has the largest Japanese community in the world. Therefore many habits, products and foods were brought into the Brazilian society. One of them is Melon ice cream: Melona. It is so refreshing and tasty... the Dutch would say: heerlijk ! I wonder why it is not produced in other parts of the world. I would have one everyday during summer.


Dani - Paladar said...

Viva o bairro daa Liberdade né

Eu nem sou fã de sorvete, mas o melona eu não aguento!


Gabriela Gonçalves said...

Esse picolé tem uma cara boa, diferente, mas boa. Só que com esse nome nem parece japonês, nem a embalagem, diga-se de
bjus querida.