Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back ! [De volta pra Tamancolandia]

I think Rio International Airport is the only one I have ever seen with a chapel. Pray before you fly.


Pinay in Dutchland said...

hahaha that to me is quite morbid, pray before you fly. welcome back. holland has a great weather this week, but im not enjoying it as expected. too hot.

Carla Adriana said...

Eu teria medo.............capela no aeroporto ? Reze antes de voar ...........sinistro, mas interessante !Acho que coisinhas da Holanda.

Aristarkhos said...

That's a nice thing to have. I mean, if there can be smoking rooms...why not a prayer room. But then ... for different cigarette brands, there is just one room. For all the different faiths? Will need to build a prayer center!
My googling told me that there are airports in England (Manchester and Liverpool) have prayer rooms. I am sure even the middle east must have some prayer rooms for them to offer namaaz.
(hi, i hopped over from Droomvla's blog. I seem to across a lot of expat blogs these days. Which is good...I get to understand what it is to live in a foreign land.)

Anita said...

Hi there Aristarkhos !
I preferred not to make a picture from inside the prayer room. It is quite simple, with long wooden benches, flowers and a small altar. I am not sure whether there was catholic icons (such as a cross) but I guess the purpose was to offer some place for meditation and silence. Thanks for passing by !

Aristarkhos said...

Was only pondering on how picky people might get when it comes to praying in the same room.
Oh, I think I will drop in again. Not just passing by. Laters :)
Btw, how difficult is it to learn Dutch? Have been trying to motivate myself to learn German for years. I will ask Droomvla too. :)

Anita said...

"How difficult a language can be" is a tricky question. it depends on:
- what is your native language
- if you have a penchant for learning languages
- how much you are going to be exposed to the "new" language
- and much more !
I came to Holland mastering already English and French. Still, I particularly found it difficult learning some diphtongs and phonemes ("sch", "ui", and the Dutch "g" sound). The word order also puzzles me, not to mention the definite article in Dutch can be "Het" or "De" (both are neutral). Odd !!