Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greetings from São Paulo

This week you can find me in four blogs (Portuguese only):
Essa semana estou dando pinta nos seguintes blogs:

Inteirativa, By Faby, Esmalte no Pé and Expatriados.

On the photo: Fabi Foschiani, Mara Pusch, Jane Murback (From blog Mulheres (Im) possíveis) and this blog author. They live in Gotham City and are really sweet girls AND blog stars. I miss you already girls ! Mmm. This makes me wonder... Andy, Isabella, Pinay and Heather: when are WE going to meet up in Amsterdam ?


Kerou said...

mas que lindas todas reunidas!!!


Pinay in Dutchland said...

id be in amsterdam for the gay parade hehehe and well any saturday will do. and be sure to schedule it a month ahead (hehehe kidding). im an email/comment away.

oh friendship! something that is hard to seek when you are in foreign land (more difficult when you are in holland). so let us expats come together to build new friendship. looking forward.

Dani - Paladar said...

Sessão Luluzinha total


Jane Murback said...

É nóis, mana.