Friday, July 31, 2009

Greetings from São Paulo # 2

On the photo: me and Mrs. Jane Murback during our breakfast at La Table. In a very Mediterranean sphere we enjoyed tropical fruits, muffins, scones and brioches disguised among the rich and beautiful of São Paulo.

Jane has posted today a hillarious text about our meeting in her blog.
I think she was more relaxed than during our first meeting. I always thought she would be taller than I, because she is now and then making fun in her blog about the size of her feet. Actullay she is a short and skinny lady, humourous and witty. Being an engineer, it is a surprise that she can play with words and make jokes so well. She creates new expressions and words, which certainly gives a kick and puts a smile on the face of her loyal readers. That´s why her blog is so successful with more than 2000 hits a day ! I think her husband is also very cool (about her popularity) and courageous: he is now and then the subject of a post. I think it was somehow good for my husband to meet him and change a few words about this hobby of blogging.

We also made arrangements to meet next year in Holland. I suggested them to come during spring, when they can enjoy the bulb fields and it is not (freezy) cold.
Next to the restaurant there is a shop from L´Occitanne. After breakfast they gave us a ride to MASP and after a visit to the museum we took a metro to the Japanese district of Liberdade and later the Ibirapuera park.
To be continued...
Pessoal, quando estive em São Paulo tive a oportunidade de conhecer a Jane Murback. Ela publicou um post hoje sobre o noso encontro no blog dela. Passa lá, passa lá, passa lá ! Os comentários tambem estão ÓTEMOS, recomendinho...


Dani - Paladar said...

Pelo menos a sua foto o João não esta comendo a

Pelo visto a diversão foi garantida!
E seu marido? gostou de tudo?


Faby said...

Que delicia de café para fechar o final de semana em Sampa....

Jane Murback said...

Ai que amooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Adorei nosso cafézão, tomei uns dois litros de café, que eu amo loucamente, já tinha te contado?

A Touch of Dutch blog said...

Lovely photos & you look so happy :-) Wishing you a great day!