Monday, June 1, 2009

Front Doors

Every beginning of a month I will be posting here a beautiful front door of a Dutch residence or office. This one above was clicked in Amsterdam and has an amazing rose tree in full blossom during these spring days. It is really WOW !

Many Dutch who live in apartments have no backyard or balcony. Therefore, during sunny days, they sit by their porch or the entrance stairs of the building with a glass of wine or a cup of tea in the hands. This in unthinkable in Brazil, where people try to hide from the sun looking for shadowy places on the streets. Brazilians do sunbathe in parks, rivers, lakes... Unthinkable. They prefer strictly beaches or swimming pools.

Lovely flowers, amazing vegetation isn't it ? The Dutch know how to embelish anything with flowers !


Beach Vintage said...

Wow, this is beautiful.

A Touch of Dutch said...

Gorgeous! Great idea for something to share each month :-) I love it!

Blog - util.necessario - Ana said...

UAALLL!!!! Beautiful flowers!!!!!