Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wisterias, Snowballs and Hydrangeas

During spring in the North hemisphere you cannot miss the vision of wisterias. Here you see pictured the yellow one or as called in Dutch gouden regen (yellow rain). I looks blurred but you can notice that other objects on the photo are sharp. I also tried to photograph the blue rain -blauwe regen - of my parents-in-law but was almost impossible cause it is on the top of a pergola. I photographed one - still small in size - in the front yard of a house.

Another plant that fascinates me is the snowball. Today my plant in the backyard has almost lost all petals but I have noticed that other snow-balls in parks in the village where I live are in full blossom.

The rhododendron is another one that has lost its splendour. The roses on the contrary are opening up in a fast pace.

Most hydrangeas in Brazil are the blue type. In Holland you find it in pink, blue and a very pink shade as well. It seems that if the soil is rich in iron, then the hydrangea is blue. True ?
And the hydrangeas (hortensias) in my front garden are still so quiet. Shhh !


Life Abroad said...

These are such beautiful flowers! I have a small pot of blue hydrangeas in my back patio. I really love the white snowballs too, I might have to look into those for next spring!

Faby said...

É de se apaixonar....
Eu amo hortência, acho elas tão delicadas e coloridas!