Monday, May 25, 2009

This week

This blog girl is suffering from allergy to pollen at the moment. Therefore, I am not blogging this month as much as I would like to. Anyway... Ta-da ! This week in this blog you will have a Dutch yummy recipe (collaboration from a loyal Dutch reader and very good cook) and a suggestion for your weekend away with an amazing medieval Dutch castle complete with knights, tournaments, interior visitings and all the stuff. Just wait and see !


twopenneth said...

betterschap anita! and take lots of anti-histamine. I had an allergy attack also last night because of the dinner i made.

A Touch of Dutch said...

I look forward to these posts, but do take your time :-) I understand because pollen allergies are something I also know well unfortunately. Take care!

Mônica Angeleas said...

Anita, se vc estivesse aqui te daria um Claritin D. É o que meu filho toma e resolve a alergia sem dar aquele sono. Melhoras, bjs