Sunday, May 17, 2009

Plastic Fantastic [Kitsch Kitchen]

A while ago I was strolling in Egmond aan zee when from a distance I already recognized these bags from Kitsch Kitchen. They were being exposed on furniture on the street.

I was familiar with that shop in Egmond. They sell Oilily, Kitsch Kitchen and lots of charming women accessories, especially French vintage rings and necklaces and a lot of "bling-bling". But I would like to talk about Kitsch Kitchen in this post.

I think the first time I spotted a Kitsch Kitchen product was a decade ago. I was observing bags that some ladies have on their bikes when they need to go to the supermarket or market to buy groceries. Such bicylebags were almost always from Kitsch Kitchen. So absurdly tacky, screaming colours and old fashioned patterns. I was amazed that people actually could have the courage to buy that.

Then more and more products of Kitsch Kitchen were present in magazines such as VT Wonen, Ariadne At Home and others. Holland was in love with Kitsch Kitchen. Me too. Later I discovered in a magazine a brief article about the origins of the brand. It seems that all started when the owner decided - during a vacation trip to Nicaragua... or Guatemala ? -to buy local old fashioned plastic to resell in Holland during a Kitchen Fair. The other exhibitors laughed about her tablecloth rolls. She laughed louder: since then (1994), her success has never stopped.

What I like about Kitsch Kitchen is the sense of humor amplified to the maximum. Umbrellas with roses or flamingo patterns, plastic cups full of polka dots, table covers with flashy, bizarre combinations. Everything colourful and cheerful. People using these products have a bold personality. They make me laugh and brighten up my day.

Soon, I am going to a hairdresser in Amsterdam near to the "Supermercado" in the Rozengracht and my new acquisitions have to be a crazy umbrella full of frogs and one of these ricesacks below:

Products from Kitsch Kitchen are sold in 27 countries. In Brazil you find it in Coisas da Doris, and Firma Casa (SP). If you wish to know more about Kitsch Kitchen click here or go to the right side of this blog page to look for a link under the section "Dutch Sites".


twopenneth said...

beautiful bags and umbrellas.

Faby said...

very "Kitsch"...
eu gosto muito Anita, acho que ia ficar maluca numa loja destas. Adorei o guarda chuvas de borboletas e as sacolas então?! Lindas...

Anita said...

Faby, creia-me: o melhor da loja inteira pra mim e' o guarda-chuva repleto de sapos. Mas empunhando uma alegoria dessa o resto da roupa e os sapatos tem que ser lisos e de cor escura, ne ?

Ana Cecília Vidaurre said...

Ana do céu:
que umbrellas maravilhosas!!!
esse de sapo deve ser um show!!!!
aqui não tem loja assim...
amei mesmo!!!!
Traga uns para vender que a gente compra na hora!

Anita said...

Nederland = kikkerland.
Holland = frog land
Holanda chove muito, e' terra de sapo (ham-ham-ham, sacou ?).