Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mugs, mugs and more mugs !! [Mokken]

I think I drink liters of tea while doing my work. Years ago in the company I work for, we used to have plastics cups for our drinks. At the end of the day, the bins were full with dirty plastic cups. People said they would be recycled. Very few people had their own mugs. I think it costs much less money to a company if it provides durable mugs to its employees. That is what happened: black mugs and transparent glasses were freely distributed. But lots of my colleagues have their own. I think they want to express themselves somehow... Check how different (and stylish !) they are below:

I guess this is Susana's (but I am not sure):




Jeannine's and Lionel's:





Petra's (maybe ?):
Fermin's fashionable bottle:

Now... where is this blog author's mug ? I can guarantee you I have the most boring of all: a big plain white porcelain one ! (no photos needed). I am happy like that.


A Touch of Dutch said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing :-)

Anita said...

Hoi Isabella, thanks for being so kind. This was an "easy" post because I am suffering from pollen at the moment (hooikoorts) and can't write much. But I've written last week a post about the economical crisis that I will be posting today, so keep tuned.

Anissa said...

Hi Anna,

That s a great idea indeed showing those cups so different from each other like people.

Next time I will bring my own :)


Ana Cecília Vidaurre said...

Analu, I love mugs too!!!
Tenho várias, e hoje podemos ver cada uma mais fofa que a outra!!