Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fabiana Martins's Bicycles [Kunst !]

Blogland is really small. A special reader of this blog, Brazilian Fabiana Martins, sent me by e-mail her impressions of when she was a tourist in Amsterdam. She is actually owner of two successful blogs and a first category photographer with expositions in Museu de Arte Brasileira in Sao Paulo. Fabiana was generous enough to send me some of her artistical photos to be published in this blog.

“ I lived during three amazing years in England, together with my husband. He had to complete his master in Philosophy and I decided then to study Photography and Arts. We lived in Nottingham, distant about two hours from London. That time outside of Brazil, living as a couple, and I turning 30 years old… it was all a big change in my life. I decided to abandon my old career and start to dedicate myself to several artistical activities. Photography became a special passion and nothing could be more inspiring than a European context to start my portfolio. Architecture, people, landscapes... everything was a synonym of inspiration for stunning images.

Amsterdam was the most visited city of all our trips. We were impressed with its beauty. We used to drive until Newcastle and go by ferry boat with destiny to Amsterdam for a day. We traveled by ferry at night, during 12 hours. The ship, although it was a ferry, was very gracious with restaurants, discos, shops and small cozy cabins. When in Amsterdam, strolling around, we admired the charm of the city… and its bicycles! I could not stop taking pics of them.

The bicycles are literally everywhere: on the streets, tied to the small bridges and lampposts. Old or new, the bikes seemed to me tobe sculptures and were part of the architecture of the city. Amsterdam stole my heart and I still miss its charm and cultural offers so much.

Positive points: natives do speak English and the communication is extreme easy, different from Paris, for example, where you should speak Portuguese to be well treated. The Dutch beer is wonderful, the food offer is very varied and you can even find a couple of Brazilian restaurants: we used to go there to drink guaraná and eat good rice/beans. The show houses and clubs are very nice and you can walk at night on the streets without problems.

Tourism negative aspects: none ! Just be careful when strolling around the Red Light district and beware of the junkies.

Tip: rent a bike to discover the city, its canals and its WONDERFUL museums, the flea- market and the flower market. Do eat French fries (called “patat”) with lots of mayonnaise in paper cones and the delicious pancakes. Visit bookstores or art galleries, do a boat trip in the canals and even visit a coffee-shop, just to have a look at it inside or “enjoy” one. For those who like photography like me, there are antique specialized shops where old cameras are sold for good prices.”

If you wish to know more about Fabiana Martins's blogs click here and here. More of her photos are avaialble at Multiply. Thanks a lot Faby for your text and for sharing with us your enthousiasm about lovely Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities in the world !


A Touch of Dutch said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing this & the very lovely photos :-)

Faby said...

Ah Ana... adorei!

Você é uma pessoa muito querida e especial!

Espero um dia poder retribuir tanto carinho...

Eu AMO Amsterdam!!! Me dá uma saudades imensa ao rever minhas fotos!

Um super beijo a você e na familia!

Gabriela Gonçalves said...

Nice pics! Lindas mesmo e mais legal o relato da Fabi!
Muito legal seu blog, vou linkar, ok?

twopenneth said...

Beautiful pictures of her impression of the Lowland.

You took great photos as well. I wonder what camera are you using? Im still using my trusty N95 for the photos for my blog but Im getting more and more envious of bloggers here.

Angela Rhodes said...

Fabulous photos!

A Touch of Dutch said...

PS: I've awarded you a Great Expat Blog :-)
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Have a great week!