Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Last week, Canadian-born Heather Pals from Life Abroad blog nominated me and 6 other bloggers to the Awe-Sum Award. Wow, thanks Heather ! I was out of the country and could not post about it before.

Rules: list 7 things about yourself that are "awe-sum", then send this to seven other bloggers who you think are awe-sum.
Here below is the list with the requested seven "awe-sum" things about me (damned ! Only seven, how can ? I love bragging about myself):

- I have green fingers.
- Inteirativa is a blog I also write for.
- I speak (& read & write) four foreign languages.
- My children were born by natural delivery: no peridural and quick. Ouch ! that is medieval, I know...
- I love the logistics involved in the organization of parties for large groups: thinking a theme, planning a menu, sending invitations, shopping for groceries, testing recipes, cleaning, cooking from scratch, decorating the ambiance, selecting the music etc.
- I have an excellent memory for tastes and flavours: my taste buds are so precise, many times I can replicate home a meal I had at a restaurant just from remembering the taste of the ingredients.
- So far, I have been in more countries in the world than the average Dutch traveller: 16. And the number will be growing next years. Before Holland, I had never lived abroad though.
Am I awesome or am I awesome ?
I follow many blogs in different languages and it would be impossible to list only 7 awesome, oops I mean awe-sum ones. I decided to select them in the English language. And the Award of my 7 awe-sum blogs goes to:

American Andy from Andy in Amsterdam (he has got his Dutch nationality today!)
Canadian Heather from Life Abroad
Argentinean Karina from El Beso
Suzanne from AmsterZanne
twopenneth from Going Dutch
American Dharma from Lovely Dharma - Life in Brazil
Anna from Finland and her Chocolate and Capri Blue

And from Isabella from A Touch of Dutch I received today this recognition, which is also something to be proud of:

Thanks a lot Isabella, your blog is an absolute must-follow for expats living in the Netherlands ! Isabella covers with great precision all major events and holidays in Holland, many cultural aspects, provides a list of important words in Dutch, gives lots of links, tips and references, shares with us her personal impressions... and much more.

I am enjoying blogland more and more !


Anna said...

Bedankt Anita, heel lief van je! I like your blog as well, I like the mix of style and expat experiences in Holland.

karina Manghi said...

Anita, thanks so much for ghoosing me!

Life Abroad said...

Thanks Anita :)

Andy Baker said...

Thanks, Anita! That was a nice capper to a big day.