Friday, May 29, 2009

Aachen [Aken, Aix-la-Chapelle]

Last weekend hubby and I planned to take the kids to visit an amazing castle (which I will be talking about during my next post). It is located in the NL, between Maastricht and the German city of Aachen. Because we had already visited Maastricht four times. We considered discovering Aachen this time. Driving from A'dam it took us exactly two hours to make it.

This pal was just near the City Hall. I couldn't photograph the building because a wedding was happening at the moments and I did not want to disturb the guests and photographers.

Aachen is much bigger than I thought it would be: 260.000 citizens being 40.000 students. Aken, Aix-la-Chapelle, Aquis Grana, Oche... the city has been populated since the Neolithic times and was well known by the ancient Romans who channeled the hot springs at Aachen into baths.

The bakery houses in Germany are completely different from Dutch and French ones. There are frequently heart shaped chocolates and it is super packed with products ! They are also much bigger than Dutch bakeries and more glamourous (but everything is relative, I know, I know...)

The Cathedral of Aachen is historically considered to be the principal ecclesiastical treasury north of the Alps. It had lots of an oriental palace, with golden mosaics on the celinig and striped pillars in black and white marble which reminded me of Granada in Spain.

The Cathedral was extremely packed and was dark inside, almost impossible to make pics.

And our Brazilian Giselle Bundchen is always omnipresent in Germany. I frequently bump against Heidi Klum but frau Bundchen is always pictured in huge posters and outdoors. She is really an über model, top, top, top ! She can sell summer flip flops to Germans or fridges to eskimos...

After visiting downtown Aachen we went back to the hotel crossing a huge park. The following day we decided after breakfast to visit the huge shop of chocolates Lindt. Amazing discounts, especially heart shaped tins and boxes that were not sold during Mother's Day.

Off to castle Hoensbroek !


A Touch of Dutch said...

Wow, so many great things in this blog entry! I love the photos, first of all. I've been looking for more info about Aachen lately. Second, I just bought a pair of flip flop-like sandals yesterday & didn't realize until now they are Giselle Bündchen-brand. She really can sell summer flip flops ;-)

Looking forward to the castle pictures! Have a great weekend!

Life Abroad said...

Aachen looks like a beautiful city, filled with lots of cultural opportunities and delicious sweets! I always am looking for weekend road-trip ideas, places close to the NL, so this is a great suggestion. Thank you for posting this!

Blog - util.necessario - Ana said...

Lindas as fotos, mas a primeira é um doce??
E se for...você comeu???
E as esculturas são na frente do castelo??
Ah! Desculpe-me tantas perguntas mas quem mandou postar fotos tão lindas e com tanta informação cultural.
É como passear olhando pelos olhos dos outros.
Bjs, Ana (a curiosa, rs rs rs )

Anita said...

Oi flores !
H. and I. : if you have the opportunity pls DO visit Castle Hoensbroek + Maastricht or Aachen. It is a unique experience !
Ana: Obrigada pela visita !
A primeira foto de Acchen 'e um biscoito gigante (quase do tamanho de um laptop). Nao, nao comi. Ha inumeras padarias/confeitarias em Aachen (Alemanha), um loucura. So comemos uns croissants de chocolate mesmo.
As esculturas sao no centro da cidade e sao todas maleaveis (voce pode dobrar as patas do cavalo e os membros e cabeca dos bonecos).
O Castelo de Hoensbroek esta la hoje no meu brogui. Estou num momento com forte alergia a polen e toda atrasada no esquema do meu blog. Aaachen e o Castelo deveriam ter sido postos na quinta-feira, assim algumas pessoas poderiam fazer planos para o fim-de-semana. MAs no meio de tantos espirros, lagrimas e olhos inchados de alergia so consegui postar hoje.
Continue ligada e deliciando-se com meus post anteriores e fique ligada que muitas coisas maravilhosas sobre a Holanda ainda virao. Beijao !

Suzanne said...

Love the photos, what an interesting off the path place.

Faby said...

Tá arrasando...
Adorei as latas Lindt Yummy yummy