Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Week

I have no idea what I will be posting this week.
No lack of material though. I guess it is more a lack of inspiration.
Maybe the contribution of a special reader and her very artistical photos ?
Maybe a mini-interview ? I am not sure because the person did not want to pose for photos.
Queen's day ? A recipe ? A special shop ? A book ?
I have been in Amsterdam today for some shopping. I have seen interesting things but (there is always a but) I was not in the mood to take pics. Yesterday happened the same too: I have been in Drievliet and was bored with the whole amusement park (my head spinned too much in those  I do- not-know-the-name -things). Maybe I need a break to guess where the blog is taking me to.
Any suggestions ? Please post a comment or write to:
Thanks !
P.S.: I have updated the list of Dutch sites on the right side of this page. Please have a look, I am sure you will find many interesting things ! I will be updating it regularly with many, many more sites. Keep tuned !


vida cotidiana said...

às vezes eu também não tenho idea do que postar. Mas como gosto de conhecer outras culturas, se você falar um pouco sobre aonde você vive, para mim já vai ser demais, bjs

A Touch of Dutch said...

The photo idea is a great start! Look at the photo in this blog entry. Very unique & says, "This photo was almost certainly taken in the Netherlands." I like your photography, so maybe a pictorial of things "Dutch" around where you live? I have a nice list always in my backpocket of goodies to discuss, but this is something I've recently been thinking about doing. I certainly don't mind sharing the idea with you too ;-)