Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Odd Queen's Day [Bizarre Koninginnedag]

Max and Lex in shock

8:45 Today is a national holiday in the Netherlands. I am at the office at the moment because I work for an American company so it is "business as usual". I must confess that I did not prepare any material (written or photos) for this special day. I celebrated it during my first years in the NL and then not anymore. If you wish to know more about this holiday with informative photos and texts please visit the blogs of Andy and Isabella or LifeAbroad clicking on their names. Enjoy !

12:30 Hubby told me over the phone that he is presently in the posh Vondelpark in A'dam with our children and another family. Ahn, I think I do not like the idea of bringing children into a mass of people. He mentions an "aanslag" (attack) to the royal family.

13:00 I have just seen in the Telegraaf on line that during the royal family visit in Apeldoorn a black Suzuki Swift car just run nearby the open bus with the family and hurt 8 to 12 people. "Car has ploughed into Queen's Day parade - two killed, twelve wounded." It happened just before noon. Horrible. The Dutch press is speculating whether it was a premeditated attack to the royal family. The driver is physically hurt and presently being questioned by the police. Eyewitnesses said te driver "clearly intended" to ram the bus carrying the royal family on its way to the royal Palace Het Loo.

15:45 A press conference is scheduled

16:45 the car driver is a 38 year old Dutch man. He is under an operation in the hospital. It was not a terrorist attack, but and individual act. Total of dead: 5, including children. Sad, sad, sad.

I go home now. It was an odd Queen's day.


A Touch of Dutch said...

So sorry you have to work today! I'll have to check out Andy's link! And thank you for sharing my link, Anita :-)

A Touch of Dutch said...

Very strange day. I saw it all happening on the TV... It was so strange to see because I just coincedentally paused from writing an email to a friend, not realizing what I was going to be seeing when I looked up at the TV. I saw a bicycle police officer by the Naald quickly moving out of the car's path & realized immediately something serious was happening.

Natalie said...

They cancel celebrations in some places...but still Queens day is always least the party that I go...always meet all my friends....everybody goes out this on the street, everywhere...thank good I was free!!!Anyway...feel very sorry for the people involved in this tragedy...but I heard that every queens day people have acident...fall in the canals, accident by car after queens day...things happen....but this guy was realy completly out of his mind...
peace & love