Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Time During Spring Season

I have been updating the list of my favorite blogs with lots of blogs about Holland. They are all very different from each other and suit different tastes. They are (so far):

A Touch of Dutch / Amsterzanne / Andy in Amsterdam / Bad News from The Netherlands / Dutch Blue / Elf in Amsterdam / Pantibar / Sobre Holanda (in Spanish)  / Zo Zuidas (in Dutch). 

This week is May vacation in the Netherlands (up to 5th May). Children are free from school and parents have generally some days "off" approved from work. What to do in your free time ? I have a list of links to sites on the right side of this page. Suggestions of amusement parks: Efteling (near Kaatsheuvel) , Drievliet (The Hague), Juliana Toren (Appeldoorn).

Efteling is one of the most visited children's amusement park in Europe. It is a lovely fairy tale amusement park for kids. Drievliet has lots of bold attractions for a bit older children, 5-6 years and older. If you are looking for more "mellow" attractions I then suggest Juliana Toren. It is heavily packed with attractions for very young children. And something that pleases parents and children is the Dolfinarium in Aarderwijk. Amazing !! I strongly recommend it.

If you manage the Dutch language in a medium level I suggest a lovely book to read this spring/summer: Wonen op Vakantie - Een Leven in Frankrijk (Antos) written by best seller author Esther Verhoef. I was introduced to her work by my mother in-law who is a person who always knows the last news in travel literature. The author is a known contributor to Dutch feminine magazines such as Libelle. Her book is a collection of columns, easy French recipes and survival tips based in her own experiences when moving into France. Absolutely deeelicious ! The second half of the book is a short story called Nouveau Riche. Verhoef's style is unpretentious and the reading goes very easy. She has written other bestsellers such as Rendez-vous (2006) which filming rights were sold to Endemol Netherlands - and Close-up (2007). Lately, Verhoef  has writen together with her husband Berry under the name "Escober" psychological action thrillers, such as Ongenade. If you wish to know more about this author check the following site:
Enjoy !


A Touch of Dutch said...

Very cool suggestions! And nice coverage about this book by Esther Verhoef! I will pick it up since I would like to challenge myself to finally read a whole book in Dutch. And I am a fan of your blog too :-) Your blog is well-written, has a positive-approach & I enjoy your photos!

Anita said...

En je bent een schatje !

freddy said...

Dear Ann
Your blog has improve a lot, you have many interesting information. congratulations.