Sunday, April 5, 2009


This afternoon, I have visited the fairy tale Elswout park located near Haarlem.

This is a place with romantic passages, wooden bridges, glowing waters and hills. Its size is of 85 hectare. Entrance fees: 0,50 euro for adults, 0,25 euro per child or dog. There are 100 places for vehicles in the parking lot outside the park. It is a perfect place to go for a couple of hours in order to do some walking, jogging, do some reading, have fresh air and recharge your energies for the week to start.

The trees are more than 250 years old and that makes Elswout and ideal place for birds.

Above, "De Orangerie" where you can have some snacks, meals and drinks. It is open only on Sundays. Its grandeur fits very well in this sort of park.

It was a pleasant walking route and the spring weather was mild cold and dry.
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Anonymous said...

It's indead a fairy tale.
Beautiful, quit and relaxing.
I red that they cut the grass only on Mondays, so at Sunday the flowers (daisies) are there again.


Anonymous said...

Que lugar tan precioso !! Me encanto la foto del lago ... tan calmo ... rodeado de arboles y mucho verde !!
Tambien me gustaron los puentecitos de madera sobre el agua.
Donde queda este lugar?

Anita said...

Hola Stella,
Esta situado entre Haarlem y Zandvoort.
Queda con el Vondelpark que esta tambien lindo (y mas cerca de ti) !

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and me went there this monday easter...It was really nice weather and we could make a nice walk at the park...its is really big there and the "Bamby" are really friendly...the came close by just to eat cute, they even let me touch them :) :)