Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter # 6

All the pics above are from last edition of the monthly distributed magazine Aller Hande from supermarket Albert Heijn. This magazine is free for all consumers and has lots of recipes and tips, plus some interviews and articles about ingredients, wine, produces and groceries in general. It is a top quality thick magazine. Awesome photos, excellent printing and easy to read informative articles and interviews as well.
During special celebrations like Valentine's, Easter, Christmas, Mothers' Day etc. this supermarket has also a special line of articles to sell such as dishes, table cloth, accessories, gadgets, napkins, toys...
In Holland we are going to be celebrating Easter on Sunday and Monday is a holiday (second Easter day) . Unlike in Brazil where it is traditional to have cod fish and fish in general as main course, here in Holland they are more flexible with the ingredients for the festive meal.


Dani said...

Oie! vim retribuir a visita e conhecer seu blog. Tab visitarei o inteirativa.

Voltarei mais vezes.


Anita said...

Ôôôô Dani, brigadão pela força ! Volta mais vezes sim que tudo da Holanda é fotogênico e colírio pros olhinhos !