Monday, April 20, 2009


Guys, I know we are still on Monday and a working week is waiting for us. But c'mon ! The temperatures are going up in the Netherlands. Spring is the perfect time to start practising how to make the perfect caipirinha (my in-laws enjoy it so much that they will have it even during Christmas, birthdays or any other excuse).

1 lime (not lemmon) / 1 or 2 tablespoon granulated sugar / 1/2 cup cachaça / ice cubes

Directions: Cut the lime in quarters then cut them crosswise. Put lime and sugar in a tall glass and mash with a pestle (or a wood spoon, rolling pin, etc). Add the same amount of liquor on the lime juice and stir it up. Add ice and mix it up again.

In Brazil, the guys that sell it at the beach put another glass upside down over it, hold both with one hand and shake. Great trick at parties.

For some variation, you can change limes for kiwis, pineapple or passion fruit, or mix them, but you may cut on sugar. Brazilian girls looove it with strawberries instead of limes, and the colour is just soooo beautiful ! Just do not call such variations “caipirinha” anylonger !

For a perfect recipe click here. If you wish to know more about the origins of this drink and detailed blend instructions click here.


Mônica Angeleas said...

Anita, A Ana Cecília vai adoooooorar ver ao Velho Barreiro por aí.

Anita said...

Mo, custa uma nota !

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that you need to take out the white part of the lemon....Velho Barreiro????Where did you find that????I only found 51 at Mackro...lekker :) :)

Anita said...

Velho Barreiro can be found in Gall & Gall, mas nao tenho 100% de certeza. Traz do Brasil Natty ! sobre tirar a parte branca isso e' explicado num dos links no final do texto sobre a perfeita receita de caipirinha. A parte branca e' amarga.

Edwin said...

Ah, best thing ever that came from Brasil to Holland (besides football and the writer of this blog of course ;-)