Friday, April 3, 2009

Bike saddle # 2

There is a woman who brings her child to same school as mine, who always gives me a blink. It is a shy look and also full of simpathy. Almost the kind of look that expresses: "I know you are not Dutch. I am not Dutch either". I feel she is Eastern European, maybe Russian. I do not know how to explain that. If you have lived enough abroad, you may understand what I am saying. One foreigner recognizes another, whithout having to exchange a word.
Well, I decided lately to always leave home accompanied of my atomic camera. Even if it is to go to the supermarket on the corner. Coming home from school I noticed THE woman of a lovely sparkle in her eyes was going to get her bike and that its saddle had that kind of special protection en vogue nowadays. "Gotta get the chance and go for a picture !" I thought and ran into her.
- Hello, may I ask you something ?
She nodded.
- Is this your bike ? I asked. She was puzzled and grabbed her bike firmly.
- English ? I asked. She denied to talk.
- May I take a photo ? I like the saddle protection. Photograph. Just a photograph. May I ? That's it. Nice. Thank you.
She promptly biked with her son away and I have never received the same comprehensive look from her again.

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