Sunday, March 1, 2009


How was your weekend dear blog readers ? I had a very busy one. It was fun and busy.
Friday my husband came home with flowers, wine and pies from Multi-Vlaai. No romantic reason though... He had completed a project by a client and his colleagues presented him with a farewell card, a bouquet and wine. He offered them pies.

The pieces of pie (see photo below) are from Multi-Vlaai. Vlaai is a type of popular pie from Limburg, south of Holland. The pastry tastes more like a bread dough than the usual pie pastry. My favourite one is the traditional kersenvlaai: dough, cherry filling and a net of pastry on top with sugar. Then cappucinovlaai and brownievlaai get respectively a good second and third place.

On the foto below you see a strawberry and yoghurtvlaai pieces.

Multi-Vlaai has more then 115 shops in Holland. For more information check the site pictured on the photo below:


Anonymous said...

I got flowers, farewell card and wine. The 'vlaai' I gave away!


Jane Murback said...

ôoooo delícia.

Anita, amei o provérbio, vou tentar colocar em prática.